Megan Stone

Megan Stone

  • Expert in student confidence building
  • National education expert
  • Author, Own Your Education

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Preparing students to be successful in school requires more than innovative teaching tools in the classroom. Success is not a matter of good luck or fate; it’s a learned skill. National education expert and author Megan Stone discovered during her years teaching in the classroom and coaching students that the problem was not with the subjects being taught, it was with the disconnect that takes place when students lack confidence and don’t “own” their education.

Megan Stone has been working with students and faculty members across the country for over seventeen years. Earlier in her career, she taught science in the highly ranked Edina Public Schools before launching Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a Master’s degree in Life Science Education from University of Minnesota as well as her hands-on classroom experience, Megan is highly qualified in the field of education.

Megan has walked alongside students for many years, providing the tools needed to achieve success. Her mission is to provide organizational strategies and study skills for students to excel in academics and life. Self-advocacy, responsibility, and ownership are the foundations of her presentations and programs. Megan assists students, parents, and educators in the process of encouraging success in and outside of the classroom. She has found that confidence in the classroom carries over to every aspect of a student’s life.

Along with speaking, training and coaching educators, families and students, Megan began consulting with school districts, colleges, and universities to better equip faculty to work with students who lack the tools to “do” the job of being a student and to build educational ownership. To assist in achieving these goals, she published The Ownership Series with Pearson Publishing for post-secondary students. Megan continues to develop new materials for all levels of education and presents training seminars nationwide.


Tools for Life: What Tools are Your Students Missing?

The reasons why many students are not equipped with the tools to be successful in school are addressed in this program. Specific strategies for educators are provided to help students succeed. This presentation and seminar are applicable for K-12, junior college, college, and university educators.

Megan offers staff training and develops curriculum for individual schools or institutions. She also consults with school districts and colleges to better equip faculty to handle students that lack the tools to “do” their job of being a student and help build educational ownership.


Stone has written a transformative new book, Own Your Education! A Student’s Guide to Greater Success in School (and Life) published by Pearson Education, Inc. The book delivers easy to follow, actionable steps using real life examples that will change the way students see their entire school experience, and gives readers of any age the powerful tools and tips to build their confidence, motivate them and put them in control.

Stone shares her simple, yet ingenious, system that helps students of all ages thrive in school, as well as in life. Students entering the workforce will also benefit from the information – a major complaint of corporations is that they are weary of new hires coming in and not understanding how to take ownership of their responsibilities and do more than “their job”.

The concepts of commitment, hard work and planning are central to the heart of the book and Stone makes the topics simple to grasp and easy to implement. The fun-to-read format is designed to help students assess their understanding of educational content, take measure of their skills, and discusses how these tools pertain and effect the many facets of their education and beyond.


“Megan Stone spoke to our Upper School teachers on two occasions. Admittedly, this is a tough group to engage, but she manage to do so! Megan uses a real-world approach to working with students to get them engaged in their learning. We so appreciated Megan sharing personal examples from her home life or career as a teacher, as thinks makes it real and applicable to all teachers.”  Megan Jonas, Groves Academy

“Megan Stone has a way of capturing an audience’s attention that both engages and challenges them. Her seminars are very thorough and the content is created  to meet the objectives of her listeners. Megan’s message of academic ownership has taught a great deal of people about a new approach to accountability. Success is built on strategic navigation of responsibility and one that is often assumed, rather than taught in schools. These academic, or ‘soft’, skills are necessary to be taught to reduce the barriers students often encounter on a regular basis. The implementation of Megan’s key ideas has allowed educators to create better ways to prepare students for everyday learning.”  Jenny Daravingas, Reading Intervention Specialist, K-5,  Olson Elementary

“The Ridgeview staff and parents have truly enjoyed working with Megan Stone.  Megan’s fast paced and engaging speaking style allows participants to actively listen, feel comfortable to ask questions, and stretch our own thinking in the areas of student responsibility, self-advocacy, and ownership.  With her down-to-earth advice, parents and teachers alike can immediately take ideas home or into the classroom. At Ridgeview the idea of student responsibility and ownership of their school experience has begun to change our entire community.  We’ve seen a positive influence on kids’ behavior, as well as taking responsibility as a citizen.  In fact, we’ve had families share with us a positive influence on overall family life.  Stress has been reduced!” Steven K. Abrahamson, Principal, Ridgeview Elementary, Bloomington, MN

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