Cary Valentine

Cary Valentine

  • Creator of patent pending “inner game” system of achieving peak success
  • Dynamic, passionate & inspiring motivator
  • Best-selling, award winning author

Travels from: Kaua’i, Hawaii

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For over a decade Cary Valentine has been sharing his patent pending Champion Your Inner Game of Success peak performance system to many business leaders, international sales teams, real estate agents, pro golfers, world class musicians and actors, who point to their increased success and vitality from incorporating his system. Cary’s passion is contagious, as he’s compassionately assisted multitudes of people around the globe.

His transparent, humorous, uplifting style comes out of being haunted most of his life by dealing with tremendous amounts of negative voices of fear and doubts. He has transformed his life out of depression, being on the brink of divorce and caring for his late wife, Wendy, 24/7 as she battled for two years with brain cancer to living a juicy life.

Cary is a best-selling, award-winning author, experienced motivational speaker and newspaper columnist. He’s been a frequent guest on ABC & CBS Radio Networks and featured in the San Francisco Chronicle & Honolulu Advertiser. Cary is also an award-winning international drummer/percussionist and graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He has performed and recorded with luminaries such as Dizzy Gillespie and members of REO Speedwagon, Ambrosia and Lionel Richie. He’s travelled extensively throughout South America: Bolivia, Peru, the Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu and Brazil where he performed with many top performers. The discipline and harmonious relations required of a professional musician are skills that Cary creatively incorporates into business performance talks and trainings.


Champion Your Inner Game of Success – Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Transform your thinking and receive tips and tools to use NOW. Experience a fun, powerful, juicy look at success.  In this hands-on, accelerated, inspiring and motivational talk we’ll be exploring transforming the root challenges that hold back people’s success in business and in life. Even those that experience perennial success often have temporary bumps in the road. We’ll explore, uncover and transform the common challenges that slows down or stops success; utilizing a proven and innovative, patent pending system that is designed to quickly set individuals and teams on the path of more success, joy and fulfillment in their professional and personal life.

Key Points:

  • How to turn doubts, fears, insecurities inside-out and end any “negative chatter” into more success and pleasure quickly and effortlessly.
  • Do doubts, fears and worry slow down your success and feel heavy in your body?
  • How often does this happen? Daily, weekly? Is it difficult to sustain inspiration and keep on track to reach your goals?
  • How much money and time are you losing by spiraling in “negative chatter”?
  • Would it benefit you and your team to have a proven, foolproof system that will quickly transform any “negative chatter” into skyrocketing success?


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“Cary Valentine’s consistent executive coaching skills and experience has assisted me to attain measurable results. Cary has assisted me in taking my firm to the next level with his easy to use concrete tools and passionate optimism. His motivational techniques were especially helpful during the rough times in my business as a financial advisor. He’s 100% committed to my success and instills an invaluable balance between work and family. I appreciate his ability to develop a customized approach for me and I highly recommend him!”   Stuart Stern, RFC, MBA  – President, Stern Capital Management, Inc.

“Cary Valentine’s Championing Your Inner Game of Success will unlock your potential from the inside out.”  Stuart Cink, British Open Champion and 6 time PGA Tour Winner

“Cary, thank you for showing me how to transform nervous sales calls and meetings to having my best months ever in real estate. Not only am I making more money than ever, my whole life has improved. Your system has been the key to living my dream life.  I can’t thank you enough for showing me how my fears and doubts are my friends, not my life long nemeses.”   J. Martin, Real Estate Agent, Los Angeles, CA

“Cary Valentine is a man who is in love with life and love and the potential for all its ‘juiciness.’ He is dedicated and committed to all the spiritual knowledge that has helped him thrive through his own personal love and loss. Cary has a wonderful way when speaking to groups to impart lessons and suggestions in a positive, loving, genuine, and enlightening way. He believes in his abilities to offer others hope and peace because he has overcome tremendous challenges and emotional devastation, and he has emerged from those experiences with a sense of grace, compassion, dignity, and strength. Cary’s intention to share those positive attributes with the rest of the world means his passionate words and signs of hope, are a tremendous gift to all who are blessed to encounter them.”  Lori Miller, Executive Director, Kaua`i Hospice, Inc.

“Cary Valentine’s world of rhythm is totally captivating. I saw four year olds and eight year olds without hesitation become an immediate part of his musical world. As talented a percussionist as I’ve ever heard play, Cary enthusiastically weaves stories into the art of rhythm; utilizing history, mystery and personal discovery into a totally engaging hour of learning and laughter. This guy is terrific!” Noel Paul Stookey, Peter Paul & Mary

“As a leader of a large international Direct Sales organization of hundreds of people, I highly recommend Cary Valentine’s methods and teachings. His simple to use yet powerful patent pending system “Champion Your Inner Game of Success” along with his wonderful coaching techniques, has transformed many members of my team to increase their self- worth, self-confidence and financial success.

I know Mr. Valentine’s value in business and personal application and my hope is that many others are able to take advantage of what we’ve been able to do in years to come.”  Mardi Maione, Sapphire Consultant, Organo International


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