Alice Inoue

Alice Inoue

  • Expert on HAPPINESS and LIFE
  • Author of five nationally award-winning books, and an award winning columnist
  • Master on Feng Shui for success in the workplace

Travels from Oahu, Hawaii

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Alice Inoue

Alice Inoue is a “life guide” who specializes in offering her unique brand of guidance, inspiring others towards seeing new possibilities within their lives by understanding the bigger picture of their life and the world around us.


She has made countless appearances on radio and television, locally, nationally and internationally, and has been prominently featured by all major state publications. She appeared as an author expert on happiness on Lifetime Television’s highest-rated morning show “The Balancing Act.” 


She is an award-winning columnist in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Sunday Newspaper where she offers weekly feng shui and life guidance advice in her column titled “Go Ask Alice.”  She also has a column “A Mindful Moment” in MidWeek – Hawaii’s most read publication. In addition to her work with individual clients, Alice also serves as a presenter and workshop leader having become an expert on how to help others develop a positive mindset. 


Alice’s products include an array of books, and DVDs. She has published five books – A Loving Guide to These Shifting Times (2008), Be Happy! It’s Your Choice (2009), Feng Shui Your Life! (2010), Just Ask Alice! (2011) and Destination Happiness (2012). All her books have won multiple national awards in various book competitions. Her books all guide readers towards empowerment and gaining a new perspective in their lives. 


FOR BUSINESSES: Bring Alice in to inspire your employees with refreshing ways to look at challenging situations at work. Do your managers need support in seeing a bigger picture to the obstacles they are facing? Do you want your staff to understand how the clutter in their environment is working against them? If your business is lacking inspiration, Alice can help to dissipate some of the heaviness and reset everyone’s attitude!  She teaches proven “positive mindset” strategies!


FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Alice has spoken to and inspired hundreds of organizations on everything from feng shui and astrology, to how to be happy in life. If you are looking for a speaker to bring in new information in a fun, unique and engaging way, work with Alice to determine the right topic for your group and then sit back and let her bring the energy of the 



For Business 

Feng Shui for Success in the Workplace 

Revitalize, Flow and Flourish

This talk is based on Alice’s signature presentation on the basics of feng shui. In this informative and enlightening presentation, Alice completely demystifies feng shui and takes the audience on a journey of “seeing” how the work environment profoundly affects the health of the business as well as the productivity of each individual. Using common sense as the base, she shares how to begin the process of shifting the workspace so that it supports each individual to their fullest potential. 

How to Find the “Positive” when Things Feel So “Negative”!

Minimize overwhelm, stress and worry in life, and in the workplace

Do you feel your team has challenges that seem to hold them back? Are they overwhelmed with all they “have to do”? Are there things they didn’t ask for they may be feeling frustrated about? Sometimes these emotions can lead to overwhelm and drain them of hope and inspiration, a dangerous mix leading to negativity — unless they can look at things in a new way. Alice will share specific practical, proactive tips on how to shift perspective and take steps both personally and in the workplace to empower attendees to trust life and unlock awareness. It is important to know there is a way out, even in challenging situations where everyone feels out of control at some level.

Profit through a Positive Mindset

Surefire strategies to move yourself towards a more positive life perspective 

Peel apart the layers of the positive life by having your audience learn the difference between just “thinking positively” in passing moments, versus truly developing a steady and sustainable positive mindset – one that doesn’t have to change in the face of crisis or circumstance.  They will get useful insight about negativity, what it is, and why we can all get so caught up in it.  Alice will share about “The Tetris Effect” – and how to simply and effectively retrain the brain to spot opportunities that naturally bring forth a more positive mindset. Give your team the opportunity to become a part of practicing proactive principles that will literally set you and your business on the path to greater success, productivity and emotional stability. 

For General Audiences

Feng Shui Demystified  

Revitalize, flow and flourish! 

This is Alice’s most requested talk and is based on her signature presentation on the basics of feng shui. In this informative and enlightening presentation, Alice completely demystifies feng shui and takes the audience on a journey of “seeing” how the environment profoundly affects us. Using common sense as the base, she shares how one can confidently begin the process of shifting an environment so that it will support them to its fullest potential.  

Feng Shui Your Life!   

Empower yourself – Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit 

This talk takes feng shui to the next level and is designed to give the audience the tools they need to bring multiple levels of their life into balance. Using the core principles of feng shui, Alice shares information on how to not only balance one’s outer environment, but also one’s “inner” environment – the mind and emotions. This presentation offers ways to find peace and harmony amongst the chaos. 

The Key to Happiness   

Change your perspective, love your life! 

This popular talk is based on one of Alice’s award-winning books on happiness and is filled with valuable guidance on how to create happiness in life, and understand what takes us away from it. She gives insight on how to be happy even when situations and circumstances in life are not what we want them to be. Alice shows how happiness is not based on what is happening outside oneself, but rather what is going on within.