Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch

  •  Olympian
  • Author of Success Beyond Sport
  • Master of secrets to personal power and performance

Travels from Maui, Hawaii

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Annette Lynch uses her unique story as an Olympian and the journey of life beyond sport to reinvent success, to leave listeners with inspiration, direction and the belief that they too can achieve anything they put their mind to. Incorporating her studies of the science of success, the author of Success beyond Sport, is a gifted speaker with the ability to captivate and connect with her audience.  Entertaining and with a quick wit, Annette will ensure that your audience will leave with at least one new distinction that can make the difference to winning in the game of life.

Annette represented Australia in beach volleyball at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 realizing a 25-year dream of being an Olympian.    Life beyond sport proved to be the biggest challenge.  With a loss of identity and loss of direction, it took Annette six years to find her new passion and goals.

A Master Results Coach, NLP practitioner and Trainer, Annette studied the secrets to personal power and performance.  She has worked with athletes, teams, businesses and everyday people helping them to get better results in career, health and relationships.   She has taught internationally for one of the world’s prominent training organizations – Christopher Howard Companies, and has presented to groups in US, UK, Ireland, NZ and Australia ranging from 20 to 1000.

Discover the mindset that achieves Olympic dreams to accomplish anything in business. Annette Lynch inspires and teaches personal leadership secrets for success.


WINNER’S EDGE – An Olympian’s Secret to Winning in Life & Business

How does a young 10-year old dream of becoming an Olympian and then make it happen…..25 years later? The Winner’s Edge is what it takes to excel in life. Annette Lynch will share her story and inspiring belief systems – where she dared to dream and how she made it happen. She will show you the steps that not only helped her represent Australia at the Olympic Games, but also how the same process helped her to travel the world, find her husband, and how she came to call Maui home.

Key Points:

  • How to get clear on what you really want90
  • What separates the dreamers from the achievers
  • The distinctions that help you take inspired action

The Winner’s Edge is what it takes to go beyond the limits of what is thought  possible…. to achieve Olympic-size dreams.


Discover your inner champion and learn how to lead your life so that you can overcome challenges and enjoy the life you desire.   Having harnessed the secrets to personal power and performance, Annette has achieved new goals and dreams much faster and more effectively than ever before.  In a unique interactive presentation, she will reveal five key attitudes of the champion mind and illustrate key distinctions that make the difference between creating an ordinary– vs an extraordinary life.  Find out which attitude of your champion mind could use some fine-tuning to get the results you truly desire.


Goal Achievement Made Easy!

Everything you need to achieve your goals – from conceiving them, writing them down to taking the action to make those goals happen. If you write goals and merely hope to reach them, then you need to find out the extra steps that make the difference in achieving anything you set your mind to do. In the nine steps, learn how to write goals with clarity and specificity. Use the power of your own imagination. Learn how to apply the law of detachment   ….and more.  Annette shares secrets on how she achieved her dream to represent Australia at the 2000 Olympics and her success beyond the games.


Find out some fundamental assumptions that will strengthen leadership skills.  Be a leader through inspiration and learn strategies for effective coaching of your team to create better results. The presentation focuses on communication skills and secrets to building instant rapport with anyone.


“Annette is one of those speakers who can very quickly capture the hearts and minds of an audience. Her interesting life story combined with her excellent skill at clearly delivering a message keeps her audience captivated and coming back for more each and every time.” Johnnie Cass, International Speaker/Trainer, Unlimited Success

“Annette’s presentations were received incredibly well with staff and members commenting on how well prepared she was and indeed on the value of the content and manner in which she presented it. I intend to get Annette back to do more presentations in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her as a presenter for any organization or individual. She has a pleasant presentation style and shows great versatility in the topics that she is able to present. Personally I loved the little anecdotal stories she threw in to keep us all on our seats.” Kirsten Blake, General Manager, Sandstorm Sports

“Ryko appreciated you tailoring your message to our meeting focus. Your success principles easily transfer from sports to business. Thanks for sharing your experience and heart with us!” Steve L’Heureux, CEO, Ryko Solutions, Inc