Bonnie Gross

Bonnie Gross

  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Radio and television commentator
  • Award winning speech coach


Travels from Toronto, Canada
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Bonnie Gross founded SpeechScience in 1998 to apply her unique skills as both a Speech Language Pathologist and background in radio and television to help individuals become dynamic, influential speakers and communicators.

Through Bonnie’s coaching, individuals learn to maximize their speaking strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

By using methods based on the science of Speech Pathology, dynamic public speaking strategies, and the art of entertainment, Bonnie helps clients deliver their messages dynamically, and ensures that their voices and speaking styles are clear and impressive. 98% of Bonnie’s clients report that as a result of the coaching they received, they speak with clarity, power and confidence.

Bonnie has received the Honors of the Association award for outstanding contributions to the profession as well as the Programming excellence Award for Ethnicity – A weekly TV show highlighting ethnic issues in the news in Canada.

She is an expert in ensuring that her clients FIND THEIR VOICES through maximizing their speaking strengths hidden inside, minimizing fears, and eliminating negative speech habits.

Bonnie applies her skills as a Speech Language Pathologist and radio and television producer, writer and host to help individuals find their voices and become dynamic, influential speakers and communicators.

Her clients include Fortune 500 companies in Toronto and New York including IBM Canada, CISCO SYSTEMS,   Health Canada, Roal Bank of Canada, Glaxo Wellcome, Proctor and Gamble, Government of Ontario, HJ Heinz , Novopharm Pharmaceuticals, American Express, and members of the United Nations ( New York), among others.




What’s Your Vocal EQ? Do you know? Are you sure?

Even your best friends may not tell you that the sound of your voice creates an instant reaction in your listener–positive, negative or just plain!

YOU HAVE A VOICE teaches how to make people WANT to talk with you, ENJOY listening to you and TRUST your authenticity—-the minute they hear YOUR VOICE. YOU HAVE A VOICE reveals the secrets of how to positively impact others from the instant you speak and throughout your conversation.

A speech or conversation may only last a few minutes, but its IMPACT can last FOREVER.


The SpeechScience Advantage

According to a DUKE UNIVERSITY STUDY – CEO’s make up to $187 k more money with a great sounding voice. Did you know—- that people have an instant emotional reaction to the sound of your voice? Did you know – that you can persuade and influence your audience with your voice, tone, pacing and persuasive speaking techniques? Did you know – that you can eliminate negative speech habits, andn learn good ones  just by knowing the right techniques? And…Did you know – that you can IMPACT YOUR ABILITY TO SELL A SERVICE, PRODUCT , AND YOURSELF – by knowing how to make the most of your voice.

The business world is changing – it is more competitive. Its no longer enough to have a great presentation or a great slide deck. The person with the most IMPACTFUL VOICE AND SPEAKING STYLE – is the one who will be the most convincing and memorable. This keynote or workshop  will teach you the tips and techniques to ensure that YOU ARE THE PERSON WITH THE SPEECHSCIENCE ADVANTAGE. It is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a huge advantage when sell ng their business or selling themselves – to a large or small group.

Other Title Options:

How to Sell to ANYTHING to ANYONE ANYTIME With Your Voice, or

How to Sell Yourself with Your Voice



(Workshops are participatory and can be adapted to 2 hrs, 3.5 hrs, or 1 day)

PERSUASIVE MESSAGING for (NAME OF GROUP) – A customized workshop for designed individually for specific industries.

Create and deliver a dynamic, memorable message in any situation -for a speech, a meeting, or an important conversation. Move your audience, persuade them to act,   create and deliver memorable ideas.

  • Define your purpose and your message
  • Grasp and hold your listeners’ attention
  • Speak to the “wants” of the listeners
  • Write a persuasive introduction, ending and internal messaging




When there are 2 people with the same skills entering a room, delivering a speech, or participating in a meeting– it’s the person who looks, act and sounds like a leader who is memorable in every way. Make sure next time—it’s YOU.

This class teaches you the skills not usually taught in traditional “presentation skills” courses – you will learn secrets of how to speak, look and act like a leader. Don’t be the one who is passed over!

  • How to develop a great voice – and use it in meetings, presentations, and conference calls.
  • How to emphasize your message with variety of tone.
  • How to enter a room full of strangers with confidence
  • How to make people enjoy talking to you
  • What your posture, movement and facial expression reveal about you.
  • How to know what to say when you don’t know what to say.
  • How to lead meetings effectively.
  • How to deal with difficult situations and people – like a leader.
  • Make an impact




Thirty years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the United States, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government, industry, and in professional firms including Law and Accounting.

This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives. In her recent bestseller, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg , chief operating officer of Facebook identified one of the major problems holding women back, is the faulty way women communicate to upper management, colleagues, and clients in business situations.

Please join Bonnie Gross, in “the ladies room,” to learn and change speaking skills to make people recognize the true value of your ideas and help you reach your full potential.

  • Use your voice, your tone, and your choice of words as powerful business tools.
  • Communicate your message so others will listen.
  • Get rid of negative speech habits such as “um” and poor pronunciation.
  • Effectively use your posture and facial expression to make people listen to your ideas.
  • Discover your inner feelings and attitudes about being strong in business.
  • WOW your audience in presentations



Wonder how to enter a room full of strangers – and turn heads? Wonder what to say after “hello”?

If you feel uncomfortable and shy at networking events, in meetings and or at social functions, Resist the urge to turn around and leave, spend all your time checking e mail, or rush home to binge watch TV .

This workshop is for you..

Make your first impressions count

  • Learn how to project confidence in business & social situations
  • Make people want to listen to what you have to say!
  • Enter a room so that people want to talk to you
  • Introductions and how to remember names (including your own!)
  • How to start a conversation and what to talk about when you don’t know what to say
  • What to say (and do) in difficult situations, such as pronouncing a name incorrectly
  • Say goodbye so that people remember you!
  • Look good socially! (my foolproof formula )




As soon as we hear someone’s voice – we have a spontaneous emotional reaction- is this person friend or foe? Confident or insecure? Annoying or pleasing? A leader or a follower?

A great voice generates TRUST, CONFIDENCE, and POWER.

This interactive workshop will teach you how to use the physical voice, the breathing techniques, and the vocal elements of pitch, resonance and tone that are already inside you waiting to come out.

  • How to breathe – are you really breathing?
  • How to speak with a resonant voice (think James Earl Jones)
  • How to find and use the pitch that is perfect for you
  • How to project your voice – naturally


We will also give you experience with the MULTIDIMENSIONAL VOICE PROGRAM – a computer based biofeedback tool –that makes learning fast, easy and a lot of fun.



  • Speak clearly, and confidently in presentations and meetings?
  • Never be asked to repeat yourself again
  • Have complete confidence in your pronunciation



  • Make improvements to your pronunciation, sentence rhythm, and intonation, to achieve a clear North American accent
  • Understand your personal errors, and how to improve them
  • Convince people with your intonation
  • Learn to speak with flowing words and sentences
  • Improve listening skills.


“I have known few individuals comparable to Bonnie’s in terms of her professional skills, intellectual insight, energy, curiosity and commitment to her profession. Her ability as a voice trainer is outstanding. But her skills extend far beyond those of speech therapist. Her knowledge in the field of acting based on her experience as a T.V. interviewer and producer bring to her profession a unique ability to teach communication skills as well. I have witnessed first-hand her ability to transform individuals into confident, self-assured lecturers with excellent presentation skills.” E. Keystone, MD, FRCP ©, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, Rheumatology; Director, the Center for Advanced Therapeutics in Arthritis.

“I work for Yale as a biomedical engineer in the operating rooms and on daily basis I respond to medical equipment-related emergency calls in the operating rooms. During surgeries I communicate with surgeons and nurses while wearing a mask, and my mouth is covered. On many occasions I am asked to repeat myself many times, and this is not only frustrating to me and the person I speak with, this problem can result in surgery complications or even death. I wanted to let you know that your course is not only going to help me reduce my accent, it will also help in saving lives on daily bases. Two major things separate your program from all other program I’ve seen: 1) You break down the steps of learning and guide the student through training with time and method. That gives the student time to digest all the new tongue movement and make it feel like a real organized training class with objectives. 2.) How you pronounce words and sentences is very easy to follow and learn from.” Hosam Elsemany, Yale University, Biomedical Engineer

“I wanted to share with you the highlights of the feedback from your workshop. It was a great success! The comments were extremely positive, and 100% of the respondents ranked the quality of the speaker as “excellent.” 100% of the respondents felt they would walk away with one suggestion that will save time and energy. 92% of the respondents felt that that the information provided was valuable. The participants in the workshop especially liked ‘the impressive tips,’ and appreciated the interaction and energy. They specifically appreciated the “do-able tips” and the use of many helpful hints you provided. Overall, a great workshop!” Shamira Hudda Director, Programming and Speaker Management, LifeSpeak Inc., Provider of the Parents at Work, Vitality at Work and Generations at Work Programs