Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

  • Popular education keynote with district and school administrators as well as classroom teachers
  • Author of From School Administrator to School Leader: 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
  • Former teacher, curriculum director, and administrator

Travels from Atlanta, GA

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Dr. Brad Johnson is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers in the fields of education and leadership. He is author of the international release, What Schools Don’t Teach: 20 Ways to Help Students Excel in School and in Life (Routledge), Scared Skinny No More: Exposing the Myths of Weight Bias & Weight Loss, The Edutainer: Connecting the Art and Science of Teaching, and From School Administrator to School Leader: 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (Routledge, Spring 2015)

Dr. Johnson has over 20 years’ experience at the K-12 and collegiate level.

He has written or contributed to numerous articles as an educational expert for media outlets including Education World, Education Digest, HuffPost, and Teacher Gazette. Dr. Johnson has also interviewed over 30 top leadership experts from around the world for his leadership book.

Besides his experiences in “the trenches” as a teacher, curriculum director, and administrator, Dr. Johnson has served as an accreditation committee chair. He developed and supervised a formal mentoring program. He has also served on numerous board-level educational committees. He recently spent several weeks in Malaysia training teachers for their Ministry of Education. Dr. Johnson currently serves on the national faculty of Concordia University’s School of Graduate Studies where he teaches courses in leadership.



 From School Administrator to School Leader

Dr. Johnson has combined his own experiences and expertise with interviews from 30 top leadership experts from around the world to create the keys to effective leadership. Leadership concepts from business, military, sports, and educational experts have been combined to create the 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential. The experts included Arthur Carmazzi, John Baldoni, Coach Bobby Bowden, Chester Elton, Captain Mike Abrasoff, Sally Helgesen, Dianna Booher, Jim Kouzes, Dan Domenech, Marshall Goldsmith and many more!

Concepts such as determining your leadership style, developing your leadership talents into strengths, developing those you lead, handling crises, finding your voice, and much more are examined and strategies are offered to maximize your leadership potential regardless of your role! Based upon Dr. Johnson’s book, From School Administrator to School Leader: 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (Routledge).


Cultivating a Positive School Culture

 Schools are influenced more by culture than by rules and policies. However, it is leadership that influences culture. Every school has a mission statement, although few know what it actually says. However, everyone knows the culture of the school within a few minutes and it affects everything from the janitor to test scores.

Dr. Johnson presents strategies to create a positive and dynamic culture. Every leader in a school can influence the culture of a school. Some of the topics addressed are empowering your faculty, the 50-25-25 rule, aspirational conversations rather than performance reviews, servant vs transactional leadership, and much more. This topic also includes developing EQ to recognize, for example, if the janitor is happy then everyone is happy! Some of the key traits to creating a positive culture include accountability, consistency in goals and actions, as well as sharing and engaging others on your vision.

Topics for TEACHERS

 Learn on Your Feet! Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom.

 Overwhelming research suggests that we have shortchanged a generation of students by creating a sedentary learning environment in our schools. What is the result? Stagnated tests scores, increased behavioral issues, and an epidemic rise in ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and even obesity.

Do you have students who are bored, disruptive or off task? It is rarely related to the content, the teacher, or even classroom management, but it is because they lack core and functional strength. Interestingly, core and functional training actually develop the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for focus and attention. It’s not your teachers or your curriculum; it is the sedentary students who can’t focus. In fact, doesn’t it seem as if every child has ADD if they sit still in a desk all day!

Dr. Johnson shows how to increase physical activity in the classroom with cutting edge concepts like SmartFit 15, which can be used by teachers in the academic classes. We also show how to incorporate more physical activity into STEM classes and how to integrate technology with movement. Want to help your students excel in academics, improve focus/behavior and get healthy? Let them learn on their feet, not their seat!

 What Schools Don’t Teach

 With the emphasis on standardized testing and the common core curriculum, education has created a culture whereby children are only prepared to be students; they are not seen as individuals. While the education continues to focus mainly on standardized testing, What Schools Don’t Teach takes into account other important traits needed for success in school and in real world. Characteristics and skills like creativity, perseverance, leadership, integrity, and even communication aren’t easily tested, yet are vital for success in the real world and are actually important to the overall success of students even on standardized testing. Students are engaged and motivated because schools focus on their areas of weakness but never develop their talents and strengths. Focusing on weaknesses means students achieve mediocrity rather than excellence.

 Topics for STUDENTS

 Talents + Passions= Purpose

 This speaking topic is designed specifically for students. Our schools and our culture tend to focus on areas of weaknesses rather than aresa of strength. However, research shows that focusing on our strengths will make us exponentially more successful. Students are not engaged and motivated because schools focus on their weaknesses but never develop their talents and strengths. Focusing on weaknesses means students achieve mediocrity rather than excellence. However, student engagement, motivation, and success are maximized when we combine their talents + passions= purpose. This topic focuses on finding your identity, determining your talents and passions, finding your voice, and developing your purpose! Help students be the “Best You” they can be with this inspiring and educational speech.

Creating Kids of Character

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”~Teddy Roosevelt

One of the goals of public education is to prepare “productive citizens.”  While this sounds like an admirable pursuit for any mission statement, exactly what is a productive citizen? This is someone who gives back to society and takes an active role in improving the community. Today, individuals in our society are taught that achieving “success” is more important than how that success is achieved. That obtaining an outcome is more important than how you got there and the principles to

which you adhere. The topics discussed include: reading your moral compass, understanding others (empathy), preventing bullying, self-awareness, how to model behavior, and influence others. Finally, this session focuses on being accountable to yourself and to others. The keys to becoming a leader rather than a follower.




“Dr. Johnson’s insights about leadership and management are exactly what every manager or small business owner should hear. I left fired up and with lots of notes!” Adam Burke, Owner, Atlanta Spa & Leisure Inc. and 1440 Fitness Inc.

“The personal experiences that were shared as well as the insights into the importance of student-teacher relationships helped to reinforce many of the concepts we were covering in our introductory education courses.” Dr. Mark  Young Harris College

“Dr. Johnson provided wonderful insight to our instructional staff regarding how to best connect with our students utilizing 21st century technology to reach children “where they live” in the cyber age.” Dr. Karen – George Cyper Academy

“From my years of hosting “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” . . . learning is most effective when it is fun. Brad & Tammy have taken that idea & formatted it in a way to help teachers help students make the most of their valuable classroom time.” Mr. Jeff – Comeidan and Host of “Are You  Smarter than a 5th Grader?”

“Dr. Johnson gave relevant and practical suggestions to our elementary teachers for the classroom. He had wonderful personal stories to tell that tied back into his presentation. I love that he encouraged teachers to see every child’s potential— not who they are now, but who they could be. He challenged them to focus on students as a person that will be in the real world one day, not just as a student.” Gina Black, Project Manager, Community Development Foundation Tupelo, MS