Carleen MacKay

Carleen MacKay

  • Subject-matter expert, emergent U.S. workplace and workforce.
  • Author or co-author of 12 books on the subject of the new multi-generational workplace/workforce.
  • National keynoter, blogger, product and service developer for organizational clients.
  • Talent management coach for career coaches/counselors & leaders in all sectors of U.S. economy

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As an Emergent Workforce / Alternative Career Planning expert, Carleen’s writing and speaking is focused on helping people improve their competitive value in this fast changing, technologically advancing global economy. She is especially interested in multi-generational emergent workers looking at alternative career options as contrasted with “traditional” jobs.  Why is she focused on alternative careers? Because… “If you are not needed full-time, you will not be hired full-time.” In fact, the flexible workforce is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. Workplace today.

Carleen is a nationally recognized Author, Keynote Speaker and Presenter on the emergent, 21st century workforce and workplace. She also develops curriculum and programs for clients in for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprise organizations. She designs, writes, co-develops and promotes a series of Playbooks, workbooks and instructional materials detailing alternative career strategies for multiple generations in 21st century America.

Her expertise and subject matter interest has evolved over her career coaching experience – from the mature workforce to the emergent, multi-generational workforce and to the many alternative career planning strategies that improve America’s competitive value in the world economy.

Carleen believes all generations of people must learn that their greatest investment is their investment in themselves! They must treat their careers as their businesses and develop strategies to sustain their work/lives.

The questions she is often asked is: “WHY do you concentrate on multiple (alternative) ways of working?” The answer is simple… because the workforce and workplace of the future are as different as the old horse and buggy are to today’s jet (or drone).  Work today, in all its iterations is to the 21st century what jobs alone were to the 20th.

Recent Work:

  • Aging & Independent Services – Multi-sector keynote to over 800 mid-late life participants for this division of Health & Human Services. Making Work – Work for YOU!
  • TV and Radio – Hawaii and Mainland TV and radio (links available)
  • Chaminade Alumni Association – 2016 – “NOW…The Future of Work.”
  • Start-up initiative with Cullen Hayashida – re “healthy aging” – grant received.
  • A series of Playbooks telling real-life stories of people who have found new, purposeful and meaningful work; work that allows them to continue to earn, to interact socially, to learn and to participate in building an economically viable future for themselves and for generations to come.


Knowledge is based on the practical premise that “work” – in all its iterations – is to the 21st century what “jobs” were to the 20th.   Learning to manage a business or a career – wherever people may live – requires new strategies and actions if people, of all ages and at all stages of their careers, are to reach, regain or retain financial independence.”

Carleen MacKay

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KEYNOTES – Topics are customized for each client to fit their specific industry and needs. Recent examples include:

  1. Working in Wonderland…Addresses the major changes as to how we will work, when we will work and, even, IF we will work in this fast changing era of “hyper-shift”.
  1. Cohorts in Time…Demonstrates that it will take all generations to work our way out of the past and into the future.
  1. Leveraging Maturity’s AdvantagesProves the many advantages experienced workers bring to the workforce/workplace.  Debunks myths and misperceptions about older workers
  1. Eight Steps…A 21st Century Strategy for Planning and Running Your Career.
  1. New Plays for a New Time… Based on her Playbook Series, this keynote makes the case, to all generations, for new ways to work including – and beyond – the familiar world of “jobs” as we once knew them.                                                             New Topics:
  2. PREDICTIONS – WORKFORCE 2020 (and what these changes mean to educators, employers and the multi-generational workforce).
  3. DOUBLE-TIME MARCH OF TECHNOLOGY (and how its extraordinary progress will affect who will work, and when, in ways few imagine).            
  4. 100 YEAR LIFETIMES (and what it means to learn to live and work in an age of increasing longevity).


“Carleen and I worked for closely for many years at Right Management. She is a fantastic writer and speaker. She is someone I would highly recommend as a guest speaker. Carleen can work with groups of any size and/or background.” Dick Kaumeyer, Retained Executive Search

“Carleen MacKay is an excellent public speaker, able to educate and entertain simultaneously, on a very serious topic – the need to revisit the way we search for work in the current era. Carleen is very knowledgeable about this topic and it shows. We have had her attend several events sponsored by the San Diego Mature Workforce Coalition and her workshops and presentations are always well attended; the participants leave with important information that they can put to use. Additionally, Carleen’s publications have been shaped with the needs of the mature worker in mind and are always spot-on as resources. It has been a pleasure working with Carleen on this important effort – to improve the working lives of adults!” Ellen Schmeding, Director, Aging & Independence Services at County of San Diego

“I hired Carleen to speak to a job club which consisted of mature workers in career transition. She is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who backs up her cutting edge information with documentation and passion. I highly recommend Carleen as an inspiring speaker, educator, writer, and coach.” Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Educator and Founding member of Right Management Consultants

“As someone who has worked extensively with Carleen in both the development and delivery of online workshops for those in career transition, I can attest to the fact that she combines her subject matter expertise with her extraordinary storytelling gifts to take the online learning experience to a completely new level. I can think of no better way to take a project from the ordinary to the extraordinary than to ask for Carleen’s input.” Wendy Frados, Career Transition Strategist

“Whether it is developing curriculum for career and management development workshops, writing articles and reports on cutting-edge topics or presenting dynamic speeches, Carleen brings passion, understanding and the strong skill of effectively transferring her knowledge to her audience. I’ve worked with Carleen since 1992, most recently as her co-author on Boom or Bust!, and that experience has added greatly to my own professional development.” Brad Taft, Career Transition Consultant | Vocational Evaluator | Expert Witness

“Carleen’s knowledge and experience in working with organizations and their employees in managing and recruiting workforce is without peer. Her knowledge of career development, research, and trends equip her greatly to be a spokesman not only for Spherion but to the industry as well.” Virginia Lord, Regional Managing Director at Spherion