Chuck Blakeman

Chuck Blakeman

  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Internationally acclaimed speaker
  • Weekly Inc. Magazine contributor
  • Best-selling author
  • World-renowned business advisor who has built ten businesses in seven industries on four continents

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Chuck Blakeman started and built ten businesses in 25 years in the U.S. and internationally, and now uses his experience to advise others on strategies that work. Blakeman sold one of his businesses to the largest consumer fulfillment company in America, and led three other $10-$100 million companies through repositioning in the Marketing Support Services industry. He presently leads the Crankset Group and a for-profit business based in Africa, focused on developing local economies to solve poverty. Crankset Group provides outcome-based mentoring and peer advisory for business leaders worldwide..

Chuck regularly works with business owners and companies of 1-100 employees, which is 99% of the businesses in America. Business owners and executives from hundreds of organizations and industries from around the world have applied Chuck’s proven business success tools and processes to reap the rewards of building a successful business.

Mr. Blakeman is a results leader, and has decades of sales, marketing and operations experience leading companies in marketing, import/export, fulfillment, call centers, website development, printing and direct mail processing. Some of his customers have included Apple, Microsoft, Eli Lilly & Co., TAP Pharmaceuticals, Sun Microsystems, Tyco Healthcare, Johns Manville and many more.

Blakeman’s first book, Making Money is Killing Your Business, was named #1 Business Book of the Year by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the largest business owner association in America. His recent book, Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea, has been named one of the “Top Ten Business Book of the Year”.

Recent speaking appearances include Kenya, DR Congo, Ireland, New Zealand, and across the US. 100+ times a year. Recent print and online appearances include Inc. Magazine (regular contributor), Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine,, He was recently cited in Dr. Stephen Covey’s recent book, The 3rd Alternative.



Making Money is Killing Your Business

Keynote based on the the #1 Business Book of the Year by the NFIB “for its impact.”


Your business should produce both time and money, not just money. In this Keynote Chuck Blakeman shows business owners how to get off the treadmill, make more money in less time, get back to the passion that brought them into business in the first place and build a business they can enjoy for decades. Use your business to build your Ideal Lifestyle, not just an income.


Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea

Keynote based on the Top Ten Business Book of the Year


It’s time to embrace the Participation Age. Don’t be left behind. Great companies are giving everyone their brains back. In this keynote participants will learn how organizations of every size are changing their business practices and culture to increase revenue, reduce management expenses, and attract and retain the best talent in the world, by turning their employees into Stakeholders and managers into Leaders.





“We have not had a speaker who, within a half hour, was stirring the pot and generating questions and challenges from the group. He stood firm with stories to back up his philosophy and we shared a lot of laughs along the way.”   Joe LaRussa, Chair Convene San Diego, CA


“In the 17 years of SCN, he was truly the best speaker ever….and SCN prides itself on seeking the best speakers in the business. I had no idea what a profound effect he and his message would have on the attendees.”   Linda Miles CSP, CMC Founder, Speaking Consulting Network


“The Group gained much value from the workshop and also found it interesting and stimulating. It was relevant to all of us with considerable ‘take-home’ value. [Chuck] had an easy engagement with members and that was appreciated.”   Brent von Sierakowski, Chairman TEC 70


“Today was a great day even though we were down 1 doctor, 2 treatment coordinators and 3 assistants. We have been cross-training our stakeholders and to make 10 columns work, there was a collective playing of musical chairs today and it worked almost flawlessly. I think what happened today was a direct reflection of our people taking the initiative and working as a team from hiring to training to implementing. Thank you for coaching us.” Dr. David Neil,

Adventure Dental


“Chuck did an amazing job of tailoring his presentation to our audience and keeping even the most skeptical of our group engaged. There was a strong buzz of conversation generated after the program which you don’t often see after a business program.” Talbot Wilt, Alpine Lumber


“I greatly enjoyed the session. Our members tend to be more on the conservative side and Chuck’s presentation pushed their comfort zone a little, but that is EXACTLY why I wanted to bring him in. Great Speaker. Great content…and we could have gone even longer too.” Evan Abbott, Mountain States Employers Council


“I heard several comments from attendees that Chuck’s breakout was the one of the best workshop style sessions that they’ve attended at a conference.” Vanessa Solesbee, Workplace Revolution


“Thank YOU Chuck for coming all this way to work with us. I have heard from several people that they made changes as soon as they went back to their offices.” Susan Helliwell, Chair for EO Atlantic, Nova Scotia


“Terrific speaker. Eye opening. One of the highlights of the conference!!” MFSA Conference,

Charleston, SC


“Once again, SHRM has spurred provocative thinking by including Chuck Blakeman in the program. Thank you.” SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition


“Once again my head was spinning at the end of the presentation as there was so much good content provided, I was simply trying to figure out where to start. Chuck’s message sounds like common sense when you hear it, yet it is obviously not so common as so few companies are run this way.” Nathan Mendel, CING