Dr. Jenifer Severson

Dr. Jenifer Severson

  • Former “Educator of the Year” , teacher and school administrator
  • Master Train the Trainer in classroom management, teaching effectiveness and brain research and learning
  • International consultant and trainer

Travels from Ohio

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Dr. Jenifer Severson brings a unique perspective to her work through her vast experience in teaching and, later, in consulting, in providing professional development, and in teaching student workshops in hundreds of schools, youth organizations, school districts, and private education organizations nationwide. Named “Educator of the Year” her first year as a teacher, Jenny is a positive force for learning, and is dedicated to continuous learning as an educator, administrator, and international speaker. She recognizes the important role instructional leadership plays in a school, having been a school principal for a number of years. She is also committed to serving teachers who are in the “trenches” so that they can develop exemplary teaching skills, build on their strengths, and increase their capacity for growth.

Jenny has an impressive track record of working for many years promoting positive change in diverse communities. From affluent to impoverished, from private to rural to urban public schools around the world, Jenny has shared her experience as a successful teacher and administrator, as a certified classroom coach, and as a successful trainer and consultant. Educators in many states and countries have been grateful to tap into Jenny’s positive outlook on what is possible for all children, and to learn from her in-depth knowledge of classroom management, effective teaching, student success, making learning engaging and fun, and current research on the brain and learning.

Jenny holds a Master’s in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago.

She lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her husband and three children.

Pre Conference Workshops and Featured Presentations

New Teacher Induction: Culture and Management

New teachers are essential to every school to continue to thrive and generate successful students. In reality, if a school district is growing, new teachers are a natural part of that growth. Most school administrators are going to need to hire, train and lead new teachers and staff.

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Jenny Severson wrote on effective induction programs as identified by researchers Drs. Gary Robinson and Maria Vlahos’. Specifically, she collected data and found fascinating results from teachers in 40 school districts. Follow-up studies been looked at on who and where those new teachers are today. Questions are being asked such as: What training did they receive? How are they qualitatively and quantitatively being successful in their professional lives? What are the gaps?  And, what is crucial to the induction of quality teachers today in 2017?

This session is for leaders who hire new employees, teachers, and staff. Do you want to hire the right people, retain them, and get the most from their talent and knowledge while they are part of your organization? If so, you’ll want to attend this session!

How to Create Norms with Flexible Thinking

How much time do we spend being in resistance to where we are currently? What can you do to make our day better and more productive?

Flexible thinking is something we can teach ourselves, our kids, and our employees. It starts with an idea that our response time to issues that irritate, annoy and frustrate us are what people will remember about us. HOW we respond in these situations can have a lasting impact on the modeling, behavior and energy of our families, teams and staff. FLEXIBLE THINKING is a developed skill, and can make a tremendous difference in our enjoyment of our work, and in our feelings of achievement and success. In this session we will  explore 5 key areas of FLEXIBLE thinking.

  1. I should just do it
  2. It’s no big deal
  3. It won’t take that long
  4. That’s okay…I can do it later
  5. The sooner I start, the sooner I’m done

Motivation and Leadership: How to Generate Inspiration

Fredrick Hertzberg asked an important series of question over 45 years ago about work:

  • First, how much does it matter that people are motivated in their work?
  • Second, is the difference measurable in effectiveness and productivity?

What Hertzberg found was a resounding “Yes!” Both matter, and both are significant. Statistics back him up. For example:

  1. Motivated employees call in far fewer sick days
  2. The is less employee theft
  3. There are dramatically fewer insurance claims

So, the question remains: How can we as leaders motivate and inspire our employees? How can we tap into the greatness inside of each person? This talk is for you if you are seeking ways to gain an edge as an inspirational leader.

Knowing Your WHY? How to Re-Purpose, Re Frame in the Moment and for Life

Popular speaker and comedian, Michael Jr., has created a YouTube video clip on knowing your “why.” It’s been viewed at least 8 million times. Using this amazing clip, Jenny takes the insights provided and launches a discussion about practical applications, connections and teamwork, generating ideas and a new understanding of the WHY behind your team’s actions. This is a pivotal session that can reinvigorate, restore and refresh each participant while generating ideas and promoting new ones on effective teamwork

Classroom Culture and Management

Classroom Culture and Management starts with accessing our beliefs as professionals. Take a look at the following items and consider how you would respond to each statement (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral or Disagree, Strongly Disagree).

If you as a school leader can align your staff on 3 core unifying beliefs, you’re going to make great progress toward your professional and organizational goals. DuFour captured this back in 1998 when he stated in PLC meetings that all students can learn the core curriculum, all students can behave appropriately, and all student can build strong character. If you’re not already using DuFour’s language and/or you want to customize your own with your staff, here’s a way to think about it:

Ask yourself….do I believe:

… every child deserves a world-class education from teachers who are dedicated to student well-being and success?

… teachers who learn about, honor, and leverage the cultural knowledge, experiences, and frames of reference of their students—and their students’ communities—make learning more relevant and effective.

… all students are capable of engaging with challenging curriculum and can meet or exceed rigorous expectations.

… building positive relationships, culturally relevant practices, and empowering mindsets are essential when serving youth.

… students thrive in classrooms where they feel safe, valued, cared for, and have a sense of membership and investment.

… an asset-based school culture where feedback is transparent and in real time supports high levels of achievement for educators and students.

… every teacher can be a positive role model and change agent in students’ lives and has the ability to take a stand for no-nonsense and nurturing at the same time.

… a successful school leader is THE agent of change for a school.

Other popular topics:

–           The Student Brain and Learning

–           Creating Effective Professional Development that Sticks

–           Bringing Your Meetings to Life – Creating a Positive Work Culture


“Dr. Jenny Severson’s influence on teachers and leaders in CFISD continues today. The wisdom she has imparted and example she has set has changed instruction but more importantly influenced and changed lives!!! She is one powerful, yet humble lady who is a true servant leader.” Lana Mock, Director of Middle School Curriculum and Instruction Student Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Cypress, TX

“The impact of this woman has sent positive ripples into our community! I continue to be personally challenged to live the life I want to live loving authentically and intentionally not just letting my baser brain stem/amygdala rule. Little tricks she taught have impacted my day-to-day life too.” Mrs. Darla Johnson, Director, Mom’s In Step

“Jenny, your professional career, as tremendous as it is, is dwarfed by quality of the person you have always been. I sincerely wish you the best and thank you again for all the support and partnership you provided at O’Plaine. We had a great run!” Principal, Doug Schultze

“The audiences and people you work with are lucky to have you!” Crystal Toews, Teacher

“It’s a rare soul who continues to challenge you to your core even across the miles! As we’re all looking to infuse a fresh jolt of perspective and tested wisdom into 2017, Dr. Jenny Severson is a must to consider for your team! Keeping up with Jenny certainly keeps us all on our toes!” Sarah Theissen, Woodridge Church

“An amazing, life-changing woman.” Julie Cogburn, High School Teacher

“We have had the honor and privilege of working with Dr. Jenny Severson for the past 12 years. Under her guidance and tutelage, hundreds of teachers in our school district have been trained in Quantum Learning brain-based teaching strategies and our students are reaping the benefits! Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from her should jump at the chance!” Christina Hoover, Academic Achievement Specialist at Cypress Woods High School

“Jenny was a fabulous keynote for our annual conference! Our attendees would love to have her back again.” Sara Jones, Ph.D., Director of Education Excellence and Government Relations, Utah Education Association

“Jenny has been a valuable asset to our school district over the years through her professional development expertise in dynamic classroom management and effective teaching strategies.” Jennifer Brown, Assistant Director of Instruction, Sumner County Schools