Dr. Marvin Marshall

Dr. Marvin Marshall

  • One of America’s leading experts in reducing stress
  • Author of a number of landmark and award-winning books on discipline, teaching and parenting without stress
  • Certified by the William Glasser Institute on Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Quality Management

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Dr. Marvin Marshall is one of America’s leading experts in reducing stress that is so prevalent in work relationships, schools, and homes. He is an author, educator, and international professional speaker (25 countries on 5 continents). He demonstrates how to use authority without coercion so relationships are not adversely affected.

His without stress approach is totally noncoercive—but never permissive. He is the author of a number of landmark and award-winning books. His approach is transformational — as he shares many commonly used counterproductive and ineffective practices—and then replaces them with more effective approaches.

Dr. Marshall founded a charity to supply his teaching book and staff development at no charge to any school in the U.S.A. that commits to using his program for one year. His approach promotes responsible behavior and reduces apathy towers learning.

Marshall was a full-time lecturer for over three years at California State University, Los Angeles and has lectured at numerous universities across the United States. He has taught primary and upper grade and every grade 7-12 in a variety of subjects in urban and suburban schools and communities. He has served as an instructional leader, athletic director, counselor, guidance department chair, high school assistant principal of supervision and control, high school assistant principal of curriculum and instruction—as well as an elementary, middle, and high school principal and district director of education.

Dr. Marshall is certified by the William Glasser Institute on Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Quality Management. His academic history includes being chosen outstanding male student upon receiving his Bachelor’s in Language Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. His Masters in Business Administration was earned at  the same university. He was awarded a Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California and is one of only a handful of California educators who holds a Standard Administration Credential, which required a doctorate and an academic major. His major was economics.


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How to Teach Without Stress

The author of more than 30 international publications on teaching, Dr. Marvin Marshall shows teachers how to MOTIVATE students to put forth maximum effort in their learning through INTERNAL motivation. This is in contrast to the more common EXTERNAL motivational approaches that aim at control through bribes, threats, or other behavioral strategies. His “Teaching Without Stress Model” also shows how to teach impulse control, handle every behavior problem, and improve relationships between teachers and students. He has presented in 44 countries on five continents.


How to Discipline Without Stress

“This body of work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages.”—C.M. Charles, BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE, Pearson, 8th -11th Edition, 2014. This is a direct quote from the author of the most widely used book on school discipline. Dr. Marvin Marshall’s landmark book, Discipline Without Stress® Punishments or Rewards: How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning is used in countries from Nepal to New Zealand and from Sweden to China. He has presented in 24 countries on five continents—including governments, school districts, and schools. His Discipline Without Stress® approach is transformational in both people’s personal as well as their professional lives.


How to Parent Without Stress

Dr. Marvin Marshall is the author of the multi-award winning book, Parenting Without Stress®: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own. His “Parenting Without Stress Model” is unique in that it is totally noncoercive—but never permissive. He shows parents how to always be in authority but without coercion of any kind. His astonishing system shows how to eliminate power struggles, improve relationships, and have young people do what parents want them to do because they themselves WANT to.


How to Live Without Stress

Aimed at corporations, organizations, and companies, Dr. Marvin Marshall presents key ideas from his most recent book, Live Without Stress®: How to Enjoy the Journey. His stress management tips show how to manage stress, become more effective, and improve relationships.



“We have tried dozens of strategies to improve classroom discipline, all with limited or no success until we tried Dr. Marshall’s program. I believe his program, “Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards,” is the best hope public schools have in dealing with discipline issues. We are planning to implement his strategies in all eighteen of our schools.” Robert E. Beck, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent Richmond County Schools, Hamlet, NC

“Your handouts on ‘Tips for Parents’ was most refreshing and motivated many of us to think about how we relate with our children. I personally found your ideas improve relationships–not only in business and professionally, but personally as well.” Hendrik Gillebaard, Laguna Beach Rotary Club, Laguna Beach, CA

“I not only enjoyed your keynote at our five-district staff development but the specific examples you gave of how to redirect negative communications to positive ones. The resounding applause you received from the more than 425 attendees attests to how your message was received.” Dominick Potena, Superintendent, Margate City School District, Margate City, New Jersey

“Your excellent presentation, so eloquently and charmingly delivered, made for a Leadership Conference that will be long remembered and discussed. Thank you very much for joining us at Fordham University, and for helping to make our conference a success. You have greatly added to our school leaders’ arsenals for helping teachers look freshly upon a major issue.” Patricia A. Romandetto, Superintendent,  Community School District 3, City of New York Board of Education

“Having you speak at our Teachers Matter Conference in New Zealand was a real pleasure. You inspired, motivated and sent our 800 teachers off with practical and easy strategies that will make a difference to themselves and their students for life.” Karen Boyes, CEO – Spectrum Education, Ltd.,  Wellington, New Zealand

“Teachers, administrators, social workers, and psychologists were able to begin immediately applying the concepts and implementing many of the strategies you taught us.” Barbara McFadden, EH/SED Program Resources, Brevard District Schools, Viera, FL

“I am so impressed with Dr. Marshall’s strategies and the simplicity of the program.” Sarah Crippen, Education specialist,  Education Service Center Region XV, San Angelo, TX

“I have felt for a long time that many of the approaches to incentivizing performance and the punitive methods used for lack of performance were unenlightened. Your program gives hope for our educational system.” Mike Rounds, President, Greater Los Angeles Chapter, National Speakers Association, Los Angeles, CA

“We have seldom conducted a conference or workshop that received such consistently high evaluations from participants.” Wayne A. Babchuk, Ph.D, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

“Since we have employed your system our students not only exhibit an immense turnaround in how they act in school, they also work with others at their respective peer level to create a positive learning environment.” Clair R. Garrick, Superintendent, Elgin School District, Elgin, OR

“Thank you so very much for providing Professional Development for our school week. The campus climate is so much different, already!” Erica Thomas-Minor, Principal – Manual Arts Senior High School, Los Angeles, California

“Your work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages. You are the best thing going in discipline.” C.M. Charles, BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE, 11th Edition

*Results of actual classroom applications over time are available.

* PDF – https://withoutstress.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/counterproductive_approaches.pdf

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