Holly Duckworth

Holly Duckworth

  • Trailblazing speaker and executive coach on mindlessness to mindful leadership and living
  • Author of the award-winning book: Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association for Success
  • Faculty member of the American Society of Association Executives and US Chamber of Commerce IOM program

Travels from Denver, Colorado

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Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP is a trailblazing speaker and executive coach on “mindlessness to mindful leadership and living.” Mindfulness = Becoming fully present in the workplace. She works with stressed-out CEO’s and executive leaders to create profits, peace, and presence. Our world has become mindless. Thru mindfulness practices, Holly works with leaders to release beliefs that no longer serve them or their organizations. After a session with Holly, leaders readily accept beliefs, thoughts, and actions that make them, and their companies, the highest and best they can be.


As a speaker, Holly provides high energy, interactive keynotes that engage audiences and leave them wanting more.

As an executive coach, it has been said, “Holly is the person who will kick you in the a** and hug you at the same time.”

Author and international business columnist, Holly’s award-winning book, Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association for Success, is a revolutionary business book. Ctrl+Alt+Believe guides leaders to create a new belief system about how their organization works, so they can forge a new future NOW. Her column Leadership & Spirituality for Science of Mind Magazine is read by more than 200,000 people around the world.

Holly’s new book, Mindful Leadership: The A to Z Guide For Stress-Free Leadership, is now available for keynotes, training, and private leadership coaching.

In this book attendees and clients will learn:

  • What mindfulness is
  • Why mindfulness is the technique leaders are using to survive these challenging times
  • Who is doing mindfulness as a company
  • How to do mindfulness is as simple as A to Z and does not require a yoga mat

Holly earned her BS degree in business management from Linfield College. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Consciousness Studies at the Holmes Institute. She serves as a faculty member of the American Society of Association Executives and US Chamber of Commerce IOM program.



Mindful Economy: How Mindfulness Increases Your Income & Influence

What do Google, Aetna, SAP, the NFL, and your business have in common? Stress. The American Psychological Association reports stress levels have risen 34% since 2015. Technology has blurred the lines between work life and home life. It is becoming less cool to be stressed out. If Richard Branson, Oprah, Arianna Huffington and more key executive leaders are making time for mindfulness, why aren’t you? Stop the excuses. This session will cover the economics of mindfulness research, key schools for mindfulness, and it impacts personally and professionally. Mindfulness as a leader means money.  In this session, you will learn out how to go within to get your share.

Key Takeaways:

►Define what it is to do mindfulness and become mindful in your life and how that practice transforms your association.

►Expand your knowledge on mindfulness practices & implementation strategies from companies large and small

►Apply mindfulness techniques to your association strategic plan, spending plan and daily activities.

►Assess and choose one way you will live mindfulness as an association leader today.

Session offered in 60-75 minutes

Unchartered Leadership: Three Things You Must Do You Create Certainty in Times of Uncertainty

It is said, “May you live in interesting times.”  They said it would never happen; the Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump President, and Brexit.  We are the people and we live in those interesting times.

Systems we have always believed in are breaking down.  Newness is emerging.  Do you want to be in resistance or re-evolution. Join this conversational keynote for a curated conversation on the evolution of change in business past, present and future.  Holly will share statistics, research and scientific theory on the evolution of consciousness for business and life.

Key Takeaways:

►Identify one area of leadership you need to chart a new course in for your association or company

►Examine your beliefs on the project

►Employ Holly’s three strategies to move from asleep on this change to awake and action

►Design a plan to inspire and educate your team on the one next right action.

Session 60-90 minutes

For Associations (Corporate and Education)

Volunteer Victories:  How to Recruit, Retain and Maintain Effective Volunteers

Are you lacking enough volunteers to do all the work of your organization?  This interactive session will share tips on how to recruit the right volunteers into your organization, then retain them on committees and learn how every action you take influences your members to renew and participate actively through engagement on your board or at chapter events.  Volunteer Victories come to those who ask, delegate, and appreciate.  Come plan for your personal volunteer victory.

Define what it means to be an effective volunteer and board member for any association.

Demonstrate how to recruit a volunteer in a personalized manner that increases your odds of hearing “Yes.”

Identify how to retain your volunteers by delegating tasks to committees who know the work contributes to the association vision and mission.

Evaluate your current volunteer team and create customized ongoing appreciation plans that will grow your volunteer bases for years to come.   60 –90 minute session


“Holly has been a trusted advisor, keynote speaker and consultant to Mohave State Bank for many years now. Her advice and insight has helped us navigate a new vision, mission, and corporate culture – from this new place, we have been able to expand our banking territory and offerings, while maintaining a positive place in the communities we serve.” Brian Riley, CEO, Mohave State Bank

“Holly has exceptional high energy, thoughtful insights, and a dynamic stage presence. Her willingness to truly understand the client’s or audience’s needs makes her stand apart from most. She is a pleasure to work with.” Megan Denhardt, Denhardt Group

“Holly’s dynamic style and energy are extremely engaging, helping her audiences listen and learn throughout her presentation. I love it when presenters provide simple “How To’s” and I walked away from Holly’s workshop with a list of tips that anyone could implement. Because she is so approachable, we talked afterwards, and she quickly provided me with topic-specific direction on one of my current projects. I really enjoy Holly’s high-spirited approach and ability to motivate.” George Dudley, Director of Marketing and Communications, CFA Society Boston

“Holly is a dynamic engaging and informative speaker who will take the time to know your organization and deliver an unforgettable experience for all. We have hired Holly several times to keynote our largest leadership development program. Holly is easy to work with, over-prepared and fun to work with. She motivated my leaders and members with her down-to-earth attitude and approach to what he does. Holly inspires others to go beyond and to be inspired to create change.” DJ Johnson, CAE, VP of Membership, American Society of Interior Designers

“Holly’s infectious personality and energy charged, positive attitude would be enough reason to read her book. The focus on mission and passion for what your organization is all about is a key take away in her book.”  John Graham, IV, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

“Holly is high energy when you need it the most. She’s also a force that pulls the details together and ensures your taken care of. But what I love the most about her, is her ability to listen and truly care about her clients and their needs. She asks great questions and thinks of things I never would have, and her desire to make a difference for her clients is obvious.” Lori Rising, Best Selling Author, Authorship for Experts

“Sometimes in life you meet people who simply embody wisdom, joy and spirit. Holly is one of those people. She is authentic, upbeat and totally candid. Speaking with her you feel her positive energy take over you and it’s hard not to get onboard with what she has to say. Holly is a truly gifted individual, not to mention kind and caring and fierce. She will work alongside of you to get you where you need to go. Even if you think you have it all together, check her out…Holly can help expand the goodness and potential inside, brewing and waiting to be let out and will help bring healing and growth into your world. If your mind and spirit are open, I’m certain Holly is the person that can help you.” Holly Young, Luxury & Waterfront Realtor / Market Analyst, Century 21

This book is a must-read for association leaders and those who work with associations. Holly Duckworth inspires and informs associations how to pursue multiple opportunities to attain higher levels of achievement. The examples she uses are thought-provoking and the lessons she draws from them are powerful.

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