Ivory Dorsey

Ivory Dorsey

  • Student of change, competition and “survival in the clutch”
  • Top performing sales leader at Xerox in the most turbulent time of their history
  • Expert in customer service and customer choice

Travels from Atlanta, GA

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Ivory Dorsey is a speaker whose time has come.  Multi-dimensional, she is a speaker, trainer, and consultant, and a product and a proponent of change.  Ivory entered the workforce during turbulent times. By adapting the philosophy “to adapt is to survive”, she was able to observe, assimilate, and activate a level of performance that, in many cases went unprecedented by predecessors.

Always a trailblazer defining her own standards, Ivory’s ability to adapt was put to the test as she launched her field sales career with Xerox Corporation during the most turbulent time in Xerox history.  It is here she became a student of change, competition, and “survival in the clutch.”  It is during this challenging time, she learned that excellence is gender, race, and culture neutral.  Ivory advocates that skill, focus, innovation, risk, and results are the only real factors that matter in the heat of competition.

This attitude earned her numerous awards and framed her life for the turbulence existent in today’s workplace. Ivory is a well sought-after speaker, trainer, executive coach, and consultant.   The majority of her assignments is from repeat business and referrals.  When she talks about change, she talks with conviction because she’s been there.  She declares that “change is where we will live for the duration.”

Ivory constantly monitors current events.  She has been described as a barometer of change.  She will customize a message based on the current events in your arena. She is emphatic in almost a clarion cry that it is the balance of knowledge between customer service & customer choice, that will determine the survival of the fittest as we all navigate the winds of change.  She is  direct in her assertion that personal accountability and embracing the big picture are essential to deliver unprecedented customer service to gain and maintain market share.

Dorsey helps the audience to expand their perspective on current change trends, why it’s occuring, and what is needed to navigate the winds of change.  She has observed profound change in the way business gets done.  To sum it up she says, “it is no longer business-as-usual; it has now become business unusual.”

She believes that universal appeal is the only real strategy to be undertaken by individuals and organizations expecting to be competitive.  Since customers and competitors are virtually unknown, organizations must appeal to everyone.  Ivory says the strategy is to mirror the workplace with the marketplace to maximize effectiveness in doing business.

Ivory’s background includes 10 years with Xerox Corporation in Houston and Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta where she won numerous awards in sales and management. She entered the sales management profession during Xerox’s most vulnerable time in its history to competition. Ivory is also a talk show host who has appeared on Georgia Public Television on numerous occasions and featured in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution among other publications. Ivory has been quoted in numerous national and international publications. She was featured in Business 97-Success Strategies for Small Businesses, a publication sponsored by NationsBank and on the cover of the International Magazine for the National Speakers Association.


Customer Service & Customer Choice                                     

This program is designed to enhance/strengthen the relationship between ALL professionals.  It is sometimes necessary to deliver a program between designated departments and the respective decision-maker.  It  enhances communication through knowledge, personal interaction, and tandem action planning.

The Sales Team – The Ultimate Equalizer

If there is any topic that generates maximum passion in Ivory, it is sales.  Once again, companies will set up appointments and listen to presentations. When it is all over, they will choose the right vendor.  Whether the choice is really right or not is incidental; the direction of the revenue flow is fundamental. The sales team that is perceived (emphasis  on perceived) as most persuasive, most affordable, and most effective will be chosen.  That is the job of the sales professionals.  Ivory pulls out all stops to deliver this message to sales teams.  She strongly believes two things:  (1) Nothing happens until somebody sells something; and (2) Every individual inside of the organization has the responsibility to sell.

Leadership – Taking the Road Less Traveled

Dorsey believes it starts with the heart.  The important things in life usually get their origins from the heart.  If we think of love, superior sportsmanship, and of course, leadership–which is the foundation of all organizations–maximum performance is impossible without heart.

We have moved into a very volatile, yet delicate time in our world.  It is a time when all that was traditional is under siege.  While many feel these are turbulent times, others feel these are the best of times.  Regardless of where one stands on the issue, we must all come together or we will all perish apart.

Leadership, by its very nature, involves engaging others for a common cause.  In this day and age, the cause is constantly changing, and the designated leader is elusive and inclusive, able to adjust course in the many situations with which they are faced.  Dorsey creates an interactive environment that encourages others to embrace this concept.

Diversity, Competition and Your Bottom Line

This interactive session will address the topic of diversity from a pure business perspective.  It will dispute three myths associated with diversity and shed insights on how the myths evolved.  The three myths are: (1) Diversity is the same as EEO/AA; (2) Diversity is a fad and will go away; and (3) Diversity represents a time for white male bashing.

Dorsey will outline why a healthy understanding of diversity is a competitive leadership decision and not a social one.  She will discuss the emerging competitive climate and how diversity is a common thread that runs through all areas of business–regardless of the area of operation. The inability to understand, appreciate, and embrace diversity is a distraction. This session will create a climate for healthy dialogue so that the participants can elevate their concerns, challenges, and strategies as they relate to diversity.


“Not only did you light a fire under the participants, your message was shared with upper management as well. Two managers remarked that several of their headstrong, stubborn and most independent employees ‘turned the corner’ and seem to be going in the right direction.” HBO

“Your magic has affected so many people here. You make the audience believe you are speaking just to them with a message they can apply. Together with your values and earthy sense of humor, you hit the target every time. If your competition is lying awake at nights trying to figure how to take your business away (as you tell us all competitors are), they had better get up early, because your customers are used to getting energy, intellect, and attitude delivered in a compelling format.” Georgia Power

“Our people have, to the person, sung high praise for you and your message. You had a remarkable effect on them, and our Senior Leaders were awed by your positive impact. Thank you from all of us.” Cox Cable

“I was absolutely delighted with your presentation. Your message delivered exactly what we asked of you. You took the time to find out what we wanted and then did a wonderful job of tailor-making the presentation. I really enjoyed your stage presence and delivery style. The way you use your voice and body language to underscore your message really adds tremendously to the presentation.” Canada Life

“Many attendees have commented on how inspiring and motivating your remarks were. In fact, on a conference evaluation form, one RIMS member wrote, ‘Ivory Dorsey was great-we all need a kick in the pants.’ I don’t believe I have ever learned so much so quickly. Thanks for the wake-up call.” Atlanta Risk Management