Jenny Grothe

Jenny Grothe

  • From fat to fit – Jenny’s story and her journey to a superfit bodybuilder is inspirational!
  • Health and nutrition counselor
  • Author of how to cook healthily from a former junk food junkie

Travels from Salt Lake City, UT

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Jenny Grothe is a female body builder and advocate for fitness. Her journey into bodybuilding didn’t start six years ago when she underwent her own body transformation. It started long before that. It started in 1987 when she was a teenager who was active in select sports and drill-team, and she didn’t have to work all hard to maintain a lean physique.

Jenny’s mom was also a bodybuilder – an “early adapter,” to the sport of female fitness and body-building, and a role model for Jenny. It took her many, many years to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but when she finally set her sights on competing at the young age of 38, she was quite overweight. Jenny’s life changed during the Fall of 2007. That’s when she decided (for the last time) to shed 60 pounds, trade unhealthy habits for good ones, and start “leading” her life rather than letting her life “lead” her.

It was at that time she learned about clean eating and is now a published author and admin of the popular Facebook Fan Page, “Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding” which boasts more than 120,000 fans and grows by an average of 500 each week.

Jenny has had the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon twice, multiple others endurance and adventures races, and is now training for the New York Ing. Marathon come November. Being a non-runner in school, running is now a solace to her and connects her to her dad – who ran track in college. One of her most memorable and life changing moments was crossing the finish line of the Boston marathon just one minute before the bombs went off.

One of her most recent projects was releasing the Jen-Fit Lifestyle Program last year in which she shares structured steps, tips, and key teachings with accountability measures built in to help other women aspire to a desirable sustainable healthy lifestyle.

As a Brand Ambassador with FitFluential, Jenny has represented some of the biggest names in the fitness and health industries.

Jenny is also a contributing author to many popular fitness magazines – including Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Iron Man, GORGO, and Haute Health to name a few. She was the featured guest, speaking weekly for a nationwide Sirius radio station for a period of 3 months.

Being fully immersed in the health and fitness industry by sharing her passion, Jenny has also had the opportunity to speak to women’s, fitness, and transformation groups all over the Western states – her favorite topics including Inspiring Women to Start, Determining our own Internal Strengths, Living a Balanced Life, Finding Spirituality in what most would consider a Vain Industry, and helping Women who struggle with various Eating Disorders. Having a strong reputation in the industry, Jenny has been interviewed by dozens of online communities, magazines, and blogging groups.

Jenny is passionate about fitness and bodybuilding, and shares her story of overcoming inactivity and being completely out of shape, to becoming a dynamic spokeswoman for what is possible for women who want to get fit and completely change their body image – and their belief in themselves!

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Middle-Aged Makeover
From Couch to Stage in a Year
You’re Never too Old to Start
Making it Count
Finding Balance with So Much to Do
Making Time for YOU
Being a Corporate Mom
Identifying What Matters Most
Family First
Putting First Things First
Nutrition is Fundamental
Any amount of Exercise is Better than None
Getting Started
Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself
It’s You vs You not You vs Them
It’s Okay to Not be Perfect
You Rule your Technology
Make One Change at a Time
Rekindling Your Fire
What Happened to my Mojo?
Ignoring the Naysayers
You are Worth It
Scheduling You in Your Day
You’re Not Selfish
What Will Your Legacy Be?

Working through the Hard Times
Obsessing with Food
Don’t be a Slave to Your Schedule
Clean Eating Allows for Indulgences
Too Few Calories will not Help You Lose Weight
Overtraining? How to Know.
Dealing with Adrenal Fatigue
What’s in Your Pantry?
Nutrition and Our Next Generation
First be True to You
No Goal is Too Small
Weightloss Roadblocks
Emotional Eating
Managing Cravings
Giving Up is NOT an Option
Finding the Motivation
From Skipping the Mile is School to Running the Boston Marathon 2x
Healthier Cooking for a Healthier Family
Prepping for Your First Competition
The After Comp Blues
Reverse Dieting
My Story and Transformation
On Bodybuilding
On Running
Starting Somewhere…Anywhere




“I have known Jenny Grothe for a while now and have always been impressed with her knowledge, so I invited her to come talk to my members. She did an amazing job and really helped my members on the road to better eating and a healthier lifestyle. She has a great story to tell and is very knowledgeable in how fitness and nutrition fit together. She is an inspiration and really knows her stuff.” Dan Adamson, Owner/Master Trainer, CrossFit The Point, Utah

“I asked Jenny to speak to a group of my clients about her life. She not only captivated the audience, she had them there for an hour afterwards answering questions. Her drive, passion, and organization give her the ability to touch many lives, and she always seems to be able to bring out the best in the people around her. Every interaction I have had with Jenny has been positive and inspiring. She has the ability to bring out the best in anyone around her.”  Kimba Smith, KFit, LLC

Here’s a well-deserved plug for this AMAZING lady whose passion to change lives is more than evident. I would highly recommend Jenny. She will motivate, inspire, and educate others on the benefits of living a LIFESTYLE of better health and fitness through exercise and eating clean nutrition. She delivered more than what I had expected! THANK YOU Jenny once again for an OUTSTANDING presentation. We look forward to your return soon!” Lawrence Phillips, Owner/Master Trainer, Team LP Fitness Playground

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