John Parks Le Tellier

John Parks Le Tellier

  • Highly in-demand education speaker
  • Author, Quantum Learning and Instructional Leadership in Practice (Corwin Press)
  • Lead developer and presenter of popular Quantum Learning for Teachers professional development programs for over 10 years

Travels from Salt Lake City, UT

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John Parks Le Tellier is an international trainer and educational consultant helping teachers, school administrators and parents understand the process of learning and the recipe for greater success in school. John has helped thousands of teachers and school leaders understand the facinating connections between learning and the brain, giving them practical strategies to enhance student motivation, achievement, and well-being. John is known for his fun, motivational trainings that feature profound content and insights.

John is the founder and former director of Colorado NeuroLearning Center in Denver, Colorado, USA, where he worked with students who had sustained brain injuries. He is a former teacher and school principal, and has spent hundreds of hours in private practice counseling and working with students and their parents to enhance academic performance.

John was the lead developer and facilitator of the Quantum Learning for Teachers training and and the Quantum Learning and Leadership programs for school administrators. John recently spent three years in Denmark designing and teaching innovative programs for enhancing student improvement and for accelerating both teacher and leader professional growth. He also authored the Brain Dynamics Inventory and has trained thousands of educators in the use of the instrument to improve individual teacher performance and student achievement. He is the author of Quantum Learning and Instructional Leadership in Practice, published by Corwin Press.


For all Educators

Turning Struggling Learners into Achievers

Building a Home Court Advantage: Empowering Classroom Culture

Managing through Action: Behavioral Management Made Easy

Generating Sustainable Motivation in the Classroom

For PreK Teachers and Staff

Developing a Mind for Learning

Making Good Behavior Fun

Every Child a Successful Learner

Subtopics for Workshops

High-Impact, Brain-considerate Lessons: Connect, Expand, and Lock

The Path of Memory and Learning: Creating & Managing Long-term Memory

Turning Brain Science into Practical Classroom Strategies

For Education Leaders

Constructing the Culture: A Community of Learners and Leaders

The Four Natural Laws of Leadership: Focusing Effort for Maximum Results


“I have been trained by John, facilitated curriculum from his book, and have had the opportunity to learn from his leadership and guidance. John is a masterful leader who inspires and empowers those around him with his unmatched passion and commitment.” Amy Smith, Director of Training and Development, Quantum Learning Network

 “John’s experience, expertise and down-to-earth style are heart warming and intellectually challenging. His writing, speaking and engagement are second to none.” Jenifer J. Severson, Ed.D., School Administrator

“John is the most authentic and inspirational trainer I have experienced in my career.” Susan A. Liberati, Ed.D., School Principal

“John is admired for his unrelenting focus on excellence. His trainings are elegant in design and simple and straightforward in implementation.” Patrick McElroy, Vice President, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, General Manager, The Leadership and Learning Center

“John Le Tellier is truly one of the most talented people in education today. His energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge spread contagiously to staff and students. He helped lead our staff to become a National Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary High Performance.” Steve Connole, Principal

“I brought John in through our district education association to train educators in the Fairfax County School District, and the response to his training was unparalleled. We have strong-willed, sometimes tough teachers, and they were absolutely enrolled, engaged and on the edges of their seats the first hour. John is a great presenter and teacher. I’ve been inspired by John’s work ever since.” Dr. Barbara Given, (former) Director, Krasnow Institute, George Mason University, Fairfax Co., VA

“When John speaks, people feel moved, inspired and equipped to be their best.” Sue Pepe, Regional Director, Education Partnerships, Quantum Learning Network

“John is one of the most knowledgeable, motivating, and dynamic presenters we have had at our school. Our staff is excited. I walk the halls and see the implementation every day, and the students are loving it.” Pattye Evans, (former) Principal, Metro Nashville Public Schools

“I attended a conference presentation by John. It was amazing! I then invited him to train the staff at my school. He won the whole staff over in his first program, and have brought him for several subsequent years.  He has completely changed our school. We now have teachers using amazing teaching techniques and our students enjoy learning and excel in both academic and character performance.” Randy Zimmerman, High School Principal

“John is one of the top keynote presenters we have had for our administrators annual conference. He also facilitated a two-day leadership program for our principals and superintendents, and the response was outstanding.”  Dale Sullivan, Deputy Director, state administrators association

“We have brought John in a couple of times to train our staff. He’s so engaging and knowledgeable, and he provides practical implementation techniques and tools that we can use immediately.” Dori Fellman, Director, Gear UP, Maine

“John LeTellier has made a huge impression throughout our prison system. Our teachers can’t say enough about what they’ve learned in his trainings.We’re excited about these programs.” Commissioner, New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision


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