Ka’ala Souza

Ka’ala Souza

  • Sharing to spirit of ‘Aloha touch’ in customer service
  • Connects diverse audiences by making them laugh, think and grow
  • Teaching the Hawaiian value of Lokahi – unity, harmony and balance

Travels from Oahu, Hawaii

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Ka’ala Souza’s major goal is assisting others in achieving theirs. Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu with a background in marketing research,Souza brings a unique perspective to his work.

He has been  a professional speaker, consultant and trainer since 1999 when he left his job as a marketing researcher and program evaluator at SMS Research in Honolulu. It was “the proverbial launch from the nest with wings frantically flapping.”

Author of Pono: A Hawaiian Style Approach to Balance and Well Being, Souza speaks at company meetings, association conferences and many industry annual events. He has worked with many top companies in Hawaii, not-for-profit groups, clubs and organizations throughout the state and in numerous corporations across the U.S.  His consulting and training focus includes leadership and management development, communication, building collaboration and enhancing customer service. Souza has the gift of connecting with diverse audiences, making them laugh, think, and grow. He is also very active in training with the City and County of Honolulu and Kauai where he’s working on contributing to an increase in the spirit of Aloha in the public sector. His vision is to increase the ALOHA in the world by living it first, then passing it on.

Video “What is Aloha” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXAMrrElLII


Ka’ala Souza’s primary values stem from four important terms in Hawaii:  Aloha (hello, goodbye, peace, and love, all rolled up together), Pono (state of harmony or balance), Lokahi (creative and fruitful harmony that arises from diversity), and Laulima (cooperation).

The Aloha Touch (Customer Service)         

In Hawaii there’s a special spirit of Aloha behind customer service. We understand that it’s not just about what you say and do in customer service, it’s also about how you say and do it. Attendees will learn unique and powerful ways to bring the Aloha Spirit to your interactions and service opportunities. This power presentation will change how you view good customer service in the future.

Where’s My Energy?

We all have the same amount of time and can’t change that. What you can control and change is your energy levels. Learn to make the course corrections you need to find your true inner energy! Gain tools that you can tap into every day to keep your energy level up, even in the most stressful situations.

Lokahi (Team Building)        

In a world of dysfunction, the Hawaiian value of Lokahi offers a functional answer. Lokahi involves unity, harmony, balance – just the prescription for successful teams. When there is Lokahi in our lives, at home and at work, there’s passion and power in what we do. Where it is lacking we find the absence of purpose, motivation and enthusiasm.

Courageous Conversations (Leadership)    

We all have them. Those phone calls and those meetings we’re dreading, but know we need to have. That confrontation or correction that we know won’t be pretty. These conversations may be with different people and different situations, but it all comes down to our attitude and our desired outcome. Attendees in this session will learn valuable communication tools to dramatically improve our confidence to achieve positive outcomes in these courageous conversations.


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“Kaala’s ability to seamlessly merge western best practice with Hawaiian values and concepts is amazing. The numbers don’t lie. At our Kamehameha Schools leadership conference Kaala’s presentation was rated the HIGHEST of all our breakout speakers and the ongoing trainings he does for us are always well attended and evaluated.” Alt Kagesa, Director of Organizational Development

“Kaʻala Souza is one of the best presenters I’ve seen in a long time. As a presentation coach, I know what works. HE works! He reveals — in a short amount of time — several facets to the diamond that is Kaʻala: flexibility, humor, credence, confidence, seriousness, focus, and, ‘I can relate to you.’ He is a master at getting people involved. He perfectly calibrates his energy to adjust to the ebb and flow of his audience.” Pam Chambers, Author, Owner – Speak for Yourself

“Entertaining, engaging and educational! Kaala Souza connects and holds his audience’s attention by blending local wisdom with timeless worldly truths. Many months after delivering a key note talk to our entire company, our people still refer to phrases and teachings from Kaala’s presentation. He makes you laugh. He makes you participate. He makes you think. He challenges you to look at where you came from to understand who are you are today so you can figure out where you are going. Best of all, he does not give you the answers but instead encourages you to consider then intentionally choose so you will become the master of your journey. I highly recommend Kaala Souza to any company looking to get inspired and energized.” Darryl Shiroma, AVP Performance & Learning at Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union

“Kaala inspired me to join Toastmasters in Hilo and become a better speaker, trainer, and leader. If I hadn’t gone to one of his seminars, I wouldn’t be where I am now with the goals I’m aiming for.” Syrena Glade, Columbia Division Governor, Toastmasters International

“We had Kaala Souza as our Keynote speaker for our Hawaii Land Surveyors Association conference. He was entertaining and had a great message of Aloha and Thinking Nui (Big) to share with us. Our attendees LOVED his talk and his message has MADE A DIFFERENCE in our lives — present and future.” Kenn Nishihira, President, Hawaii Land Surveyors Association

 “We have had Kaala speak several times at our key annual events. Everyone continues to want him back. He’s authentic, personable, fun, motivating and professional. We love working with him as he always makes his talks relevant to our audience and event.” Director of Programs, Chaminade University