Kathy Yogi Collins

Kathy Yogi Collins

  • Sends her audiences careening between humor and nostalgia
  • Shares unique interpretations of local life in Hawaii
  • Prolific storyteller

Travels from Maui, Hawaii

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She bends her head down, takes out her hairpin, shakes out that long rope of hair, and flings it back. Her hands shoot out from her hips and that raspy voice fires out, “Whassup!” The crowd erupts, the roof is lifted, and they are hers. She absolutely knocks the room out!

It’s a thrill riding her roller coaster narratives, careening between humor and nostalgia, between mythic and contemporary Hawaii, always delivered with that outrageous mother-tongued Tita (local girl or sistah) attitude.” (Jeff Gere, master storyteller & producer of the 27-year-old Talk Story Festival, Honolulu).

“Collins strikes the common chord of humanity that unites these isles.” (Jule Wind, The Maui News)Her alter ego “Tita”* is a regular fixture at O‘ahu’s annual Talk Story Festival, sharing Hawaiian legends and spreading the word of “pidgin (Hawaiian Creole English) pride”. “Tita” also shares her unique observations in her own column in Maui No Ka ‘Oi magazine!”  Collin’sfirst CD release, was recorded live at the first of several sold-out one-woman shows at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and won the 2005 Hawai‘i Music Award for Comedy Album of the Year. “Tita” has also brought her message to local schools, community events, convention groups and Polynesian-themed events in California and Arizona.

kathycollings2Collins has been a keynote presenter at the National Storytelling Conference in Waikiki several times. In 2008, she wrote and produced Kathy Collins’ Death Comedy Jam– an irreverent look at death and mourning through comedy and music. The premiere played to a standing room only crowd and has led to numerous requests for her comedic monologues on widowhood.

She has performed and toured with a number of Hawaii production companies. Kathy Yogi Collins can offer performances, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops.

Adding a physical presence – a hula dancer’s grace, a beach girl’s strength, a comedienne’s body language – she brings her alter-ego, “Tita,” to life… Audiences respond with glee and admiration. Collins has turned her own experiences, growing up as a “Japanee Makawao girl” as well as Pele-kine lore and mythology of Hawaii, into a unique act. While sidesplittingly funny at times, it is also soulful, tender and attuned to the details, from the most trivial to the most spiritual, of island life.” (Rick Chatenever, Maui Scene, The Maui News)

Humorous Presentation

Life Lessons from a Unique Island Culture

Kathy Yogi Collins shares Hawaiian legends and spreads the word of “pidgin pride” as she presents a soulful, tender and attuned detailed picture of island life in Hawaii. While side-splittingly funny at times, she is also deeply connected to the details, from the most trivial to the most spiritual, of what life is really like in Hawaii, and how we can all learn from this unique culture. This humorous and poignant presentation includes Hawaiian legends, comic characters and typical island monologues as Collins reveals the people of Hawai’i in stories that have universal appeal and strikes a common chord of humanity, and what we can learn from each other, that unites us all.