Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton

  • Expert in early childhood and special education
  • Former school, district and state elementary level Teacher of the Year
  • Director of professional development for NEISD, TX
  • Trainer of Trainers, coaches and mentors in early childhood education

Travels from San Antonio, TX

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Linda Hamilton is a teacher and educational consultant who specializes in professional development, program design and instructional coaching for early childhood and elementary schools nationally. Linda is devoted to helping systems, teams and individual educators examine and enhance services for children. She specializes in classroom management, early literacy, instructional application of brain research, understanding learners’ needs and differentiating instruction for a variety of learners.
Linda has served in many roles during her career in education. Highlights include: special and general education teacher, Educational Specialist and Consultant for a State Education Service Center, the Director of Professional Development for a municipal initiative and Assistant Director of Early Childhood Programs in a large school district.

Linda has been honored as a Regional Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. As an Educational Specialist, Linda received an Outstanding Workshop Leader honor from Vanderbilt University and provided training and coaching for over 400 first year and veteran teachers. Bring Linda’s engaging and active professional development, team planning and instructional coaching to your campus, district or conference. Sessions or an ongoing plan can be written specifically to meet your needs.


The Brainy Bunch!

Did you know the Brady Bunch was a brain friendly family? How can you remember songs from your childhood and not know what you ate for lunch? What trends from your childhood need to make a huge comeback for the future of this country? Let’s explore these questions and more as we learn basic brain principles to apply in the classroom.

Rigor is Rich, Meaningful Learning. We do that in Early Childhood Education!

When young children engage in challenging problem solving, meaningful play and interactive learning, they are using a multitude of complex skills. Being involved in complexity and deep thinking increases our connections in the brain and builds stamina, confidence, executive functioning skills and academic knowledge. Don’t shy away from the word rigor, embrace it and explain it!

Show-Up! What are Your Actions Saying about Educators?

Actions speak louder than words. We have all heard it, but do we listen? When we champion developmentally appropriate practices and then hand out worksheets to 4 and 5-year-olds, what are we really saying? Let’s get our messages in alignment. Let’s earn the respect we want. It’s a matter of integrity.


Strengthening the Brain with Movement and Music

Strengthening the Brain with Movement and Music Movement and music are necessary elements for effective early childhood education. They build connections in the brain, improve retention, increase understanding and support intervention for struggling learners.

Positive, Proactive Classroom Management

By infusing the principles of brain research, relationships, curriculum standards and what we know about how to get things done in the classroom, we can energize our routines and procedures for better classroom management.

Early Literacy Development that Sticks

Early literacy development looks, sounds and feels different than later reading and writing. Let’s examine foundational practices that build stronger readers and writers. Give students a strong foundation for their future.

Who Do You Teach?  Understanding Your Learner

Every learner comes to the classroom with his or her own needs, strengths and background. So does the teacher! Learn methods to identify, understand, plan for and meet these characteristics.

Differentiating Curriculum Standards for a Variety of Learner

Curriculum standards are a map of content. It is the educator’s responsibility to  bring the content to the learner. Curriculum plans, supportive environments, parent communication and classroom practices are the keys.

Building a Community through Class Meetings

The power of a conversation. The safety of a tradition. Children come to classrooms with ideas, fears, and experiences to share. Give them a safe environment, teach respect and hear their voice with daily Classroom Meetings. Experience the structure, learn uses and understand the importance.

Because true, effective teacher development requires follow-up and personalization, Linda is available to provide one-on-one or team implementation and coaching by building relationships with teachers and working toward goals centered around student growth and development.


Consulting packages can be included with professional development workshops to increase the effectiveness of implementation or as a stand-alone service.

  • Presentation and/or open discussions  about staff goals
  • Observation of classroom practices and routines
  • Feedback from observation and planning with staff
  • Support: Planning, classroom design, continual coaching, etc.

Consulting typically involves one or more of the following activities:

  • Goal and vision development
  • Instructional observations and coaching
  • Curriculum unpacking and design
  • Team planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Reflective practice exercises
  • Program feedback and design Problem solving


 For Information on how to schedule Linda Hamilton, contact Carol Fetzer at (808) 321-2715 or (801) 319-0866