Mailani Makainai and Kau’i Dalire

Mailani Makainai and Kau’i Dalire

Makainai Sisters

Storytelling, Music and Hula




Mailani Makainai cannot remember a time when music wasn’t playing in her home.  Raised in a loving and supportive environment, the importance and tradition of her Hawaiian culture was instilled early on by her parents.  The meaning of her first name, “Mailani,” translates to “praise” or “favorite.”  That would be fitting as in time, music lovers around the world would do just that when discovering her amazing gifts. Makainai was part of a musical family that encouraged her to explore her singing and ukulele playing at a very young age.  As Maikainai blossomed, so did her passion and interest as a vocalist, composer, and musician.  By the time she was a student at Maryknoll School in Honolulu, she and a friend formed the popular band, “Keahiwai.”  They received two prestigious Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for their debut album, “Local Girls,” and later, released four other award-winning albums, securing a place within the Hawaii music scene.

In 2010, her self-titled release, “Mailani,” garnered her the Nā Hōkū Hanohano award for Female Vocalist of the year, which confirmed her place amongst Hawaii entertainers.  Her second album, “Aina,” was a platform to further expose her not only as a strong vocalist, but as a skilled songwriter, raising eyebrows and gaining interest from fans everywhere.  Her latest release, “Manawa,” continues to display Makainai’s signature sultry vocals, original lyrics, and thoughtful compositions in the Hawaiian language, setting her apart from others.  With her mesmerizing songs and lilting voice, fans old and new to her style of music continue to sing her praises.”

No stranger to performing on stage and being under the spotlight, KauꞌI Dalire’s DNA has given her a head start in the world of Hawaiian entertainment.  Born into a well-regarded hula dancing family from the Windward side of O’ahu, Hawai’i, Dalire’s Mother, Aloha Dalire, was the winner of the very first Miss Aloha Hula competition in the Merrie Monarch festival, often referred to as the “Super Bowl” of hula.  In time, Dalire, as well her two sisters would follow in their Mother’s footsteps and capture the title as well, making Hawai’i history.  Now, Dalire is Kumu Hula to her own schools known as Halau Ka Lihilihilehua ‘O Hopoe Kuikanani, with locations in Hawai’i, Japan (Shibuya and Okinawa), Arizona, and California.

Shannon Kau`i (pronounced KAU-E) Dalire and Mailani Makainai are the co-founders of HĀ Enterprises, a unique Honolulu-based company specializing in artist management and production.  The translation of the word HĀ means “breath” or “essence,” and is the very energy that both Dalire & Makainai pour into their work as businesswomen, entertainers, and mothers.

Together, these two brilliant businesswomen have become a force to reckon with.  Team Dalire & Makainai have taken all of their combined experiences, on stage and off, to create an inspirational and mesmerizing presentation of the essence of Hawaii for audiences world-wide.

Makainai shares stories with audiences about the culture, language and traditions that are Hawaii as her talks evolve into beautiful melodies that represent the culture of Hawaii today. As Makainai sings, Kauꞌi joins her and dances the graceful hula that has won her the most prestigious recognition in Hawaii, Miss Aloha Hula.  Together they bring a unique musical performance and message to conferences and special events that inspire and connect audiences to the beauty that is truly Hawaii.

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