Marie Miyashiro

Marie Miyashiro

  • Author, The Empathy Factor –  Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team and Business Success
  • Internationally acclaimed keynote speaker on Customer Service and Employee Engagement
  • Experience with over 30 luxury brands, over 3 dozen universities, government agencies and non-profits
  • Featured in The Change Handbook – Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems

Travels from Honolulu, HI and Tucson, AZ

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Marie is invited globally to deliver keynote talks, training and coaching for executive leadership teams, international conferences, human resources professionals, retail and customer service education trainers, global luxury brands, universities, government agencies and nonprofits.  Recognized as a thought and practice leader for empathy in the workplace, her approach blends human connection with the organizational drive for progress and growth.

From Asia and Europe to the Middle East and the Americas, Marie shares stories and ideas on how to make empathy practical in ways that support employee engagement, customer loyalty and innovative team thinking. She designs and facilitates uncommonly transformative and enjoyable conversations that matter and produce results focusing from problem solving and developing their preferred “Bright Future” together to conflict resolution and innovation development. She has received more than two dozen partnering and communications awards and been featured on the front page of the Dutch Financial Times and numerous other business publications.

Top financier Jerry Colonna writes the foreword for her book, The Empathy Factor – Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success and endorsements include former FORTUNE magazine Publisher Jim Hayes. It has been translated into French, German, Dutch and Chinese.

She is a CrossKnowledge faculty member, Strategy of Mind advisor, and president of Elucity Network, Inc., a consulting and training firm that supports people, organizations, and communities to do their best thinking together.

Guiding organizations and leaders for decades, and using her field-tested Integrated Clarity® approach, Marie helps transform workplaces bottom up to top down. People make the leap from mistrust, missed opportunities and “power plays” to the higher ground of shared purpose and mutual respect with uncommonly high satisfaction ratings and long-term positive results. Her Connect-Think-Do model of collaboration, communication and change has helped hundreds of client teams in corporations, universities, government agencies and nonprofits.

The highly regarded nonviolent communication process developed by Marie’s teacher Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. helps individuals develop basic and higher forms of empathic connection; Integrated Clarity® builds on Dr. Rosenberg’s work by bringing these concepts to teams and organizations.

Marie holds a degree in communication studies from Northwestern University and has studied with noted organization development consultants like Sam Kaner, Ph.D., of the international consulting firm Community at Work, and Dr. Steven H. Cady, Director of the Masters in Organization Development program at Bowling Green State University where she has mentored students in the OD program. She is accredited by the New York-based Public Relations Society of America and is also certified in planning by the International Association for Public Participation.

Video Clips of Marie

Marie speaks on Empathy in Paris, France

Marie speaks on The Empathy Factor – Keynote in Las Vegas, NV



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“Facilitate as a Leader” – Facilitation Skills

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The Integrated Clarity® Consulting Approach


Our newest workshop is getting rave reviews:

Facilitate Meetings that Matter – How to Engage and Elevate the Best Thinking in Groups

Collaboration and communication are critical for organizational and community success. When many voices are heard, innovation and the best thinking of a group bubbles up. Shared responsibility happens…without prodding.

But people don’t like meetings. Most say it’s a waste of their time. Yet, time spent in meetings is on the rise. And, so too is the cost to morale, productivity and worse, executive and worker time translated into money. A May 2014 Harvard Business Review article on meetings and time and a related interview with co-author Michael Mankins,

“Your Scarcest Resource,” lists eight best practices for managing organizational time. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Make Agenda Clear and Selective… Purpose and Outcomes for each meeting. Have three distinct timed sections of a meeting: Information, Discussion, Decision. Close one section before moving to the next. One topic at a time, one need at a time.

Clearly Delegate Authority for Time Investments… We do it for cash and capital investments. Similarly, we can set time budgets and authority levels for meetings, a form of time investment. By allocating a set number of hours per week someone is authorized to call meetings, there’s organizational time budgeting. Wow! What a concept.

Standardize the Decision Process – When everyone is clear that the purpose of the meeting is to make decisions and that the decision process is transparent with a repeatable structure, the meeting advances the key initiatives. No more, “Did we decide that?”

Make it fun! Especially for Generation X and Y!


“Marie designs and delivers world-class interactive keynote presentations and workshops. The depth of her understanding of organizations and people combined with her ability to find constructive and creative solutions is amazing. She exceeded our audience expectations in Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Toronto, Montreal and Paris by teaching game changer skills and inspiring personal transformation. We were engaged!” Roselyne Lecuyer, Learning Director – L’Oréal, Paris, France

“Marie is a master facilitator in creating an environment where groups move forward on their critical needs and goals to achieve more results. Whether there’s conflict or collaboration, it’s transformative.”  Raymond Tymas-Jones, Associate Vice President for the Arts Dean, College of Fine Arts, The University of Utah, USA

“This was truly a fantastic collaborative brainstorming session that I believe will lead to the increase and preservation of affordable housing.”  Susan Soto, City of Tucson, Tucson Metropolitan Housing Commission, Arizona, USA

“Skilled, knowledgeable, brave, honest, insightful – Marie inspires and engenders change!”  Pat Hastings, LCSW, – Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, California, USA

“Excellent job of facilitating the planning.  The pre-meeting preparation by Marie Miyashiro was by far the best I have witnessed for any strategic planning meeting with which I have been involved.” -Carl Hook, M.D. and CEO, PLICO  (MedPRO Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company)

“I recommend this workshop to teams that are having difficulty prioritizing their tasks. I feel that we truly have a vision for the year! Completely and utterly excited!!!”  Carol Corcoran, Client Manager, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

“Came in the first morning feeling very skeptical about the two day session and left feeling incredibly empowered.” -Carl Sagar, Business Unit Support Specialist, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

“I feel this session will break down barriers and open up effective and positive channels of communication that will enable me to approach my objectives and deliverables more easily.”  Erika Meitzner, Business Unit Support Analyst, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

“Marie has nerves of steel and a heart of gold.  If you’re ready for a change for the better, hire her and her team!”  Judy Noddin, Marriage and Family Therapist, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, California, USA

“I am so excited and confident that Integrated Clarity® could contribute to creating the world I would love to live in.” – Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, The Netherlands

“A gateway into a life-affirming way of thinking and behaving…incredibly inspiring and empowering.” -Anita Nowak, Ph.D., Integrating Director, The Social Economy Initiative at McGill University, Montreal, Canada

“Skilled, knowledgeable, brave, honest, insightful – Marie Miyashiro inspires and engenders change!”  Pat Hasting, LCSW, National U.S.-based Healthcare System, San Francisco, California

 “Marie makes the case that empathy is entirely learnable, eminently practical, and core and central to an organization’s capacity to achieve its mission.”  Miki Kashtan, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator and Trainer, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

“The hours of phone meetings and interviews prior to the training and mediation event supported trust, warmth and connection with the client. Her design was flawless and what ensued was purely amazing. In a short two days, barriers were broken which had been in place for years, trust was built and positive change was evident —- people were thrilled with the outcome. And the follow-up conversations acknowledged the sustainability of what occurred in the room. Sylvia Haskvitz, M.A., R.D., Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer and Assessor, Author – Eat by Choice, Not by Habit


The Empathy Factor book –

In this cutting-edge book, award-winning communications and organizational strategist Marie Miyashiro provides insight into the fundamental importance of human “empathic” connections in workplace systems and the significant role they play on the vitality and productivity of organizations. The book details a proven and repeatable method for developing and practicing empathy as a workplace skill. The Empathy Factor–Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success takes Marshall Rosenberg’s work developing Compassionate Communication into the business community by introducing Integrated Clarity®—a framework you can use to understand and effectively meet the critical needs of your organization without compromising those of your employees, team members or customers.