Mark Papadas

Mark Papadas

  • Founder, I AM 4 Kids
  • Dedicated to creating strong minds, characters and bodies
  • Reminds us all of the power that kids have within them

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

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Mark Papadas is an author, speaker, coach and founder of I AM 4 Kids™, an innovative children’s empowerment program that is revolutionizing elementary education. After years of training and coaching adults, he’s delivering those same self-empowerment tools to children. Mark has over 20 years’ experience in working with and for such leaders as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Anthony Robbins.  Papadas has witnessed  countless success stories by those who realize their power and achieve their goals using proven tools and strategies. When introduced to the concepts of personal growth and self- empowerment in high school, Papadas was immediately hooked. Growing up in the 70s, his parents worked hard to keep food on the table. Frequently, he was in the care of two older brothers – one whom communicated with his fists. Many times, he was beaten severely. While it was a difficult period growing up, he learned to control his mind and look inward for strength. Those tough childhood years are the threads that help Papadas relate to the challenges many children face today. He is an engaging leader, great motivator and superb teacher.

Papadas believes that all children have innate greatness within them. From birth, kids exhibit all the character traits and strengths they need to be successful. It is what they observe and learn from adults along the way that begins to sabotage them and start a negative belief system. Papadas’ mission is to work with kids, and all those charged with their care and upbringing, to empower them to develop positive identities.


10 Secrets to Empower Kids & Awaken the Child in You

Based on his book, 10 Secrets to Empower Kids & Awaken the Child in You, this program is essential for every parent, teacher, coach, and … anyone who interacts with kids on a regular basis. Mark shares ten simple and easy to implement strategies that empower kids and enhances adults’ relationships with them in a positive way.

I AM…The Power of Identity

I AM… However you decide to end that phrase determines the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. It guides you in every decision you make. It is your identity. It is the essence of who you are.        I AM… is about the power of breaking through to the power of your true identity. It is about facing the fears, both conscious and unconscious, that hold you back from the life you deserve and conquering them so that you will take action. It is about smashing the limitations that you have imposed on yourself or that you believe others have imposed upon you. It is about aligning your beliefs  and what you want from your life. I AM… is about transforming the quality of your life forever!


I AM 4 Kids

I AM… _______! How do you – or your children – finish that statement? It’s possibly the most important question a person can ask. The answer determines the quality and direction of your life. It guides every choice you make. It is the essence of who you are! It is your identity!

Over 50% of school children finished their “I AM… “ statements with a negative trait or characteristic before going through the I AM… Identity Building Process. The following are actual responses from second through fifth graders before going through I AM 4 Kids: “I AM… stupid.” I AM… ugly.” “I AM… fat.” “I AM… unlovable.” I AM 4 Kids teaches our kids the power of deciding who they are and how to BE that person starting NOW!

Power to the Pupils

Based on his series of children’s books, this fun-filled program shows kids the power of words. Most people take words for granted, regardless of the language. Mark Papadas shows kids the impact that words have on our daily lives and their ability to achieve their dreams. After this presentation, kids will be begging for more vocabulary words. Language Arts just got fun again!

Never Give Up!

In this presentation, Mark shows kids that there is no such thing as failure. It’s OK to try and NOT succeed… so long as they learn from the experience and persevere. Using examples of familiar public figures and characters, Mark shows kids the importance of having goals, following your dreams, and NEVER GIVING UP!


“Mark Papadas provides a critical roadmap to the development of our country’s most important resources and the next generation of leaders – our children. Additionally, adults who are mapping out their path to success will benefit from the thought-provoking action steps that Mark provides.” Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq. Co-author, Success Simplified with Stephen Covey, Former Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights Policy, U.S. Department of Education

“I recommend I AM 4 Kids to every educational organization that is committed to developing strong minds, characters and bodies.” Randy Lawrence, Board VP, Curriculum Committee Chair, Public School Board of Education Trustee

“A great big THANK YOU to Mark Papadas for taking time to remind all of us the power that kids have within them.” Dr. Bill Truesdale, Ed.D, Public Elementary School Principal, N.A.S.S.P. Break-through School

“Mark Papadas provides an amazing vehicle for kids to look at their life, mapping out a mission, and allowing them the creativity and freedom to move forward.” Chuck Schultz, Personal Development Expert, Robbins Research International Master Trainer