Marsha Egan

Marsha Egan

  • The Executive Coach who loves to speak!
  • Expert in interpersonal dynamics and self-management
  • Author of Inbox Detox

Travels from Boston or Providence

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Marsha Egan, named one of Pennsylvania’s 50 Best Women in Business, is CEO of “The Egan Group, Inc,” a Nantucket, MA, and Reading, PA based success skills coaching firm. Marsha energizes business leaders and their organizations to use their productivity to lead their lives and business success to the fullest.  She is currently the CEO of a coaching firm that focuses on strategies to support the success of her clients’ leadership initiatives..

Marsha  has spoken to over 500 audiences and 50,000 people. In addition to speaking all over the world, she has been featured in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, London Daily Mail, and on the front page of USA Today. Her articles have been featured in national magazines such as “Self,” and “The Glass Hammer,” and she has appeared on ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends and numerous other international and regional TV and radio shows.

Not only is Marsha a twenty five year veteran of corporate America, she has served as president or chairman of over 30 volunteer and charity organizations, including the Junior League of Reading and national CPCU Society, a 30,000 member organization that promotes excellence in the insurance industry. She is a professional member of the National Speakers’ Association and has served as a board member of its Mid Atlantic Chapter.

Marsha’s honors include the Easter Seal “Brace for an Ace” Award, the Insurance Person of the Year Award, the CPCU Society “Standard Setter” Award, the Dale Carnegie “Distinguished Graduate” Award, the Berks Chamber’s “Athena” Award, the Girl Scouts of America’s “Woman of Distinction” Award and most recently, one of Pennsylvania’s “50 Best Women in Business”.


Detoxify Your Inbox — Lead Your Life

Is your e-mail running your life? Do you feel “e-ddicted” to the ding of a newly received message? Is your inbox a reflection of your out of balance world? In this unique presentation, Marsha uses the steps in her internationally acclaimed 12 step program to cure e-mail e-ddiction to challenge you not only take control of your inbox, but of your life. Each step’s productivity tips more poignantly serve as motivating life leadership tips.

Change is Great. You Go First.

Using her signature story, “You’re sitting in my seat,” Egan illustrates how human nature’s resistance to change can hold us back from achieving greater success in a humorous, yet poignant way. Highlighting the five attributes that enable people to more effectively embrace change, this keynote will not only help the audience assimilate change faster and more positively, but challenge them to truly “go first” and be a leader straight into the future.

Creating Your Own Luck

Have you ever seen people who seem to be in the “right place” at the right time? What makes them so lucky? There are actions and attitudes you can take to create more “lucky” opportunities in your life. Learn how to create your own luck with this inspirational and humorous presentation… From networking, to positive politicking, to building killer resumes, to mental mentors, Egan shares stories and secrets that will motivate your audience to improve their career “luck” and the “luck” of your organization.

Silent Signals™ of Success, (also titled as) What It Takes…

So many measures of success are unspoken. You can identify successful people immediately by their actions and attitudes–the Silent Signals™ the  communicate. Discover the eight Silent Signals™ that beam success… Assess which of the Silent Signals™ you need to be even more successful!

The Remarkability Factor: Talk is Sweet

Remarkability is the new competitive edge; it is free advertising, yet an illusive target. What do people think about when they see your company’s name? What do they say about their experience with you or your business? Egan will challenge your audience to continually seek new ways to stand out, be more interesting, notable, fascinating and exceptional – in short, to be remarked about. It’s not rocket science, it is just remarkable!

The Power of the Net: Is Your Net Working?

Relationships enable progress. Networks are not one on one transactions; they are a web of interconnected partnerships. Most people groan when they think of having to build their networks, but Egan will challenge your audience to rediscover the concept of networking partnerships, and provide experiential tools that make relationships really work, and even be fun.

How to Motivate… Anyone!

Life’s secrets of motivating are simple, but not done enough! Egan shares these secrets in a humorous, yet profound way. Using audience participation, she “hits home” with unlocking the secrets that everyone can use to motivate anyone, from employees, to co-workers, to fellow volunteers to family members!

The Time of Your Life

Many people spend more time planning a party than they do their lives… Is it time management or life management?  Egan uses the analogy of growing a fabulous garden to planning and meeting your life’s goals, in an inspirational address that will change your life!

How to be Irresistibly Magnetic

What kinds of people do you attract? Why? What is it about you that draws others to you? And what draws you to other people? Egan uses humorous yet poignant stories to illustrate how the concept of personal magnetism can be used to make you even sharper. Audiences walk away motivated to pay more attention to who they attract and to ramp up their magnetism to achieve even more.

Ethics: Where Do YOU Draw the Line?

The rapid pace of change and increasing business pressures have challenged all of us with ethical dilemmas… This inspiring presentation helps the audience not only define where their ethical “line” is but provides the building blocks for them to live their own personal codes of ethics.

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“A great presentation! The participants felt that they got more than they expected! Everyone left the meeting energized and talking about how they were going to apply the principles from your program to their jobs and lives. We really enjoyed having you join our group. You made us all want to embrace change as we move into the future!” Mike Newcombe, American Marketing Assn, Oklahoma City

“You were a hit. People spoke about your enthusiasm and the information you shared with us. People keep referring back to what you spoke about. Thank you for your insight and your time.” Mike Iorio, Dale Carnegie Institute, Allentown, PA

“Five out of five!’ You combined a great message about embracing change with a great deal of interactivity and humor that kept all of our attention.” Heidi Wolf, Skipper, New York Mariners

“Your presentation about ‘How to Motivate Anyone’ was not only informative, it was fun! I’ve heard many positive comments about the topic and you’re speaking style. It was a great way to end our programs for the year. We appreciate your willingness to share so generously of your time and expertise with us.” Lilly Cowan, CPCU, Vice president and program chair, Philadelphia Chapter, CPCU Society

“Your willingness to conduct this workshop with less than two hours preparation time, after the planned speaker backed out was remarkable. Your subject matter knowledge and delivery of the program is indicative of your workshop evaluation receiving high marks and we greatly appreciate it.” Thomas G. Tolan, District Director, Philadelphia District Office, U. S. Small Business Administration