Martha Lanier

Martha Lanier

  • Breast Cancer & Heart Attack Survivor
  • Iron Girl Triathlete, Skydiver and Author
  • Courageous ~ Inspiring ~ Genuine

Travels from Atlanta, Georgia

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For most of her life Martha Lanier was shy and lived with self-limiting barriers. All of this changed when her daughter, Lauren, took her skydiving to celebrate her 50th birthday. Her safe landing resulted in a new confidence that changed her way of thinking.

At 60, Martha was told what no woman ever wants to hear: “You have breast cancer.” She had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery using a free TRAM. To prepare both mentally and physically prior to surgery and part of her recovery, walking became a daily routine. Just three months following surgery, walking 30 miles in the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer was celebrated as a major achievement.

Encouraged again by her daughter,Martha competed in the Aflac Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon to celebrate her one-year anniversary as a cancer survivor. Using a positive mindset, determination and training, at 62, she proudly crossed the finish line with her two daughters. Just four weeks later, this new triathlete was admitted to Cardiac Intensive Care. Physically she was in the best physical condition of her life. Mentally she was unaware she had high levels of self-induced mental stress. Trying to be an invincible, do-all/be-all woman, resulted in stress cardiomyopathy.

Martha is on a mission to save women’s lives by showing them how to benefit from what many now refer to as the “Martha Mindset.” Women quickly see how vital it is to manage their stress and be proactive regarding their health. By taking better care of themselves, they increase their value to their work, their families and themselves.

Married since 1970, this grandmother is a veteran professional speaker, with prior experience in human resources, professional and administrative services. She is the author of Pink Lemonade: Mastectomy Tips and Insights from a Breast Cancer Survivor.


The Power of Choice: Turning Challenges into Achievements

This is an entertaining and action-packed program that provides specific strategies to identify positive elements in every situation. Audiences enjoy Martha’s use of humor and creative storytelling to entertain them and appreciate her tact when addressing sensitive issues such as cancer and heart disease. Your attendees leave feeling recharged and refocused.


The Power of a Totally Confident Woman

In our fast-paced world today, women often put their lives on hold so they can shift their time and energy on their work, friends and families. This frequently results in increased stress and decreased energy. What isn’t realized is how this can adversely affect their health, happiness and overall productivity.


The Power of Balance: Managing Stress

Women today are experiencing more self-induced stress as a result of increased responsibilities, overloaded schedules and demands from family members, friends and work. When stress is not managed, it impacts our health, happiness and overall productivity.


The Power of Influence: Leadership Skills

Each and every day there are numerous opportunities to influence the lives of others whether they are co-workers, customers, family, friends or perhaps people you have never met. Although your actions may not be obvious, they are always there. Martha Lanier shares her experiences through an entertaining storytelling style to emphasize key points on how you can use your own uniqueness to positively impact the lives of others.


The Power of Effective Presentation Skills: Captivating Audiences from One to a Thousand

Step-by-step techniques to create content-rich programs are key to delivering powerful messages that are remembered long after your presentation. Included are tips on using a delivery style that reflects confidence and authority that holds your audience’s attention from your opening all the way through your closing.

Keynotes:    30 – 75 minutes for your opening, closing, breakout or featured speaker


Martha Lanier’s Keynotes and Workshops are Ideal for:

Breast Cancer Programs

Women’s Events

Health and Wellness Events

Professional Development for Women

Administrative Professionals Day

Spouse Programs

Women’s Retreats


“Martha is the type of professional that people are drawn to due to her magnetism and zest for helping others improve their performance. Her character is one of integrity and she consistently strives to exceed the status quo. As a Senior Vice President of a national company, I strongly endorse her and her work.” Christina Parker, Consultant/Trainer/Professional Speaker on Leadership Development and ECE

“Martha was a dynamic inspiring speaker for our Executive Women’s group today! She reminds her audience in a delightfully entertaining way that the true key to meeting life’s challenges is through a positive attitude. Her passion and enthusiasm are so contagious; her anecdotes spring to mind unexpectedly for weeks after you first hear them. She is one very remarkable woman!” Judy Frink, Bartow Executive Women

“Thank you for having the courage to share your story and use it for such good! I look forward to following your adventures and hope our paths cross again.” Brigette Young, Breast Cancer Event, South Georgia Medical Center

“You were AWESOME at our Women’s Conference! Thank you for sharing your personal story with us and giving us the courage to face whatever may come our way. Everyone is talking about your beautiful spirit and attitude. It is making them look at things differently. We are now equipped to accept any new challenge that comes our way with laughter and perseverance.” Bernardette Hearns, PMP, Women Connect Day, LexisNexis

“Your style and delivery were so engaging that we lost track of time – that says a lot for a mandatory employee in-service! In fact, certain points of your presentation are still being discussed a month later. Employees have learned to be patient when listening to others, to embrace people’s differences and to view the differences as a positive aspect of the. You are a very effective speaker and educator.” Angela Garcia, Clarke County School District School Nutrition

“I want to tell you again how much I enjoyed hearing you speak to us at the American Red Cross Women’s Event on Tuesday evening! Your courage, your determination, your sense of adventure and your refreshing outlook on life are such an inspiration! I loved meeting you and hearing your story! God is definitely not done with you yet! He has millions of women who still need to meet you!” Judy Frink, American Red Cross Women’s Event

“Martha is great. … I could have listened to her all day! … Time just flew! … Presentation gave us some good takeaways. It was good information that we can use anywhere. … Great speaker! Would have liked to have heard more. … Martha’s keynote story was very inspirational.” Audience Comments – GE Women’s Network

“Martha is the kind of keynote speaker that event planners dream about. As a Master in the art of storytelling, Martha presents her life-changing techniques through a series of personal experiences that are both profound and laugh-out-loud funny. She is a huge asset to any conference lucky enough to book her.” Carol Hamilton, Conference Planner

“Martha Lanier was terrific! She presented a program for Administrative Professionals Day and held the audience on the hook for every minute. She fired up the audience and engaged them in the beginning and kept the heat up with her energy and humor for the rest of the day. Martha was so easy and fun to work with and the participants were truly inspired by her motivational message.” Teresa Nunn, University of Georgia, Center for Continuing Education


Breast Cancer & Heart Attack Survivor; Iron Girl Triathlete; Skydiver; mission to save women’s lives by showing them how to benefit from what many now refer to as the Martha Mindset; author of Pink Lemonade: Mastectomy Tips and Insights from a Breast Cancer Survivor