Pam Chambers

Pam Chambers

  • One of Hawaii’s 10 Most Admired  Women
  • Presentation Guru and master of business etiquette
  • Communication Expert

Travels from Oahu, Hawaii

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Pam Chambers is known as Hawaii’s Presentation Coach. Since 1985, she has helped thousands of people become better communicators — whether they speak to one person, to small groups, or to large audiences. While growing up, Pam says she used to be “the shyest girl in the world,” and avoided standing out in any way. But years later, she was propelled into the limelight when she accepted a position as sales manager for a seminar company in San Francisco.  She then put herself through the challenging and rewarding process of becoming a public speaker. And now she teaches others to speak out.

Chambers helps a wide array of clients — moving men, bodyguards, front-line retailers, entertainers, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, CEOs, and people from any industry you can name — even a shy ten-year-old boy.  You can request a variety of in-house training programs, presentation skills classes open to the public, one-on-one coaching, and keynote speeches.

Pam is the author of Speak for YourselfStand & Deliver, and Life is a Presentation. Her latest book, Public Speaking Made Easy, made the bestseller list in Hawaii. She was named by Honolulu Magazine as one of Hawaii’s 10 Most Admired Women. Her style is interactive, entertaining, and practical, and she knows how to bring out the best in her audiences. Pam Chambers is often praised for her “wise and cheerful lessons” that are also practical and important.


How to Give a Presentation Tomorrow and Sleep Well Tonight

Do you or your employees dread offering ideas, leading meetings, or speaking in front of others? This program provides easy-to-apply techniques to dramatically improve your presentations — whether you’re talking to one person, to small groups, or to large audiences. You will be called on to speak in front of others, and people will expect you to be good. Learn how to exceed their expectations! (Included for each participant: Pam Chamber’s digital book, Life is a Presentation)

Raising the Bar: Coaching for Excellence

As leaders, you have countless opportunities every day to either raise or lower “the bar.” Allowing mediocrity lowers the bar. You can raise the bar by reminding people of standards and by guiding and coaching. This program includes a simple seven-step process for coaching toward excellence.

How to Turn Satisfied Customers into Loyal Customers

These days it’s not enough to have satisfied customers. You want loyal customers. This means giving more than is expected, raising the standard of service, and operating as a team. Learn how to build rapport, how to cross-sell and up-sell, and how to under-promise and over-deliver. Learn about the primary experience that all customers want — the one that keeps them coming back for more!

How Women throw their Power Away, and How they Can Reclaim It

Girlish postures; letting others interrupt; wearing the wrong outfit; using an ineffective tone of voice — these are only some of the ways that women may unwittingly throw their power away. Give your female leaders tools to help them be confident and effective.

How to Get the Most from Networking Events

One of life’s most uncomfortable situations is walking into a crowded banquet room and not knowing a soul. Yet, effective networking is one of the best, and least expensive, ways to build your business. This program demonstrates how to start (and end!) conversations, how to make a positive impression in 10 seconds, and how to pave the way for mutually beneficial relationships.

What is your Body Language Saying?

Did you know that more than 80% of your message is sent through your body language? Therefore, the savvy communicator learns how to use and interpret this powerful tool. This session is filled with dos and don’ts (from head to toe) that will amuse and educate your group.

What Everyone Needs to Know about Professional Etiquette

Everything you need to know about making the best impression: how to dress, make introductions, make “small talk,” exchange business cards, host the professional lunch, and more. Help your staff develop the social graces that will enhance their success and your organizations image.


“I acquired 30 clients from that single workshop. Pam’s course was a great investment: My financial return was 9,600%!” G. S., Manager, American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

“Your unique style and super sense of humor make you one of a kind. We know that our Business Banking Officers will be better at representing CityBank, because of you!”  Lita Viloria-Delahunty, Training Administrator, CityBank  (now Central Pacific Bank)

“After taking Pam’s presentation course, my business increased 40%, and has continued to grow 15 – 20% per year, in a declining economy! Pam trains you to be aware of first impressions, business etiquette, and getting your point across clearly and concisely. She absolutely raises the bar of professionalism.”  Geal Fukumoto Talbert, Investment Representative

“Thank you for sharing your treasure trove of valuable information regarding professionalism with our employees. I see so many of your lessons being practiced each day throughout our office!”  Suzette Nauser, V.P. Corporate Training, Title Guaranty