Ramsay Taum

Ramsay Taum

  • Recognized cultural resource on the Hawaiian culture
  • The 2013 Peace Day Hawai‘i Peace Maker of the Year
  • Respected expert on transformational leadership

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BUS Keynote 2012

Ramsay Taum is an inspiring speaker, teacher, writer and recognized transformational new thought leader. Trained and mentored by respected Hawaiian elders he stands in two worlds blending nearly thirty years of business and community service building bridges between culture and commerce.

Born and raised in Hawai’i, Ramsay’s eclectic background and experience in business, government and community service makes him a valuable asset in both public and private sectors and has been instrumental in for-profit and non-profit business.

A recognized cultural resource Ramsay is a contributing writer to several local periodical and publications. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker, lecturer, trainer and facilitator. Ramsay is especially effective working with the travel, leisure and retail industry where he effectively integrates place based, cultural based values and principles into contemporary architecture, design and business operating models.

Ramsay is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his work integrating place- and cultural-based values and principles into contemporary business practices as well as promoting sustainable practices based on Hawaiian cultural stewardship principles and practices. In 2008 he was awarded the East West Centers Leadership Certificate Program’s Transformational Leadership in Sustainability award, and Home + Remodeling Honolulu & Hawai’i Business magazines’ “Who’s Keeping Hawai’i Green” Individual Educator Honoree. He is also an acknowledged leader in sustainable and community based host visitor experiences. Ramsay is also a co-director of Sustain Hawaiʻi.

Ramsay serves on numerous local, state and national advisories, community groups, for- and non-profit boards, commissions and councils.


Hawaiian Healing, Sense of Place, Battle Arts, Leadership (Hooponopono & Lua)

Personal Protection, Performance & Development

Watershed Management based on Hawaiian Ahupuaa Practices

Sustainability Development applying Cultural and Place Based Approaches

Application of Cultural/Place Based Practices in Contemporary Business

Peace is an Inside Job

Imagine a World of Aloha


“Exceptionally knowledgeable resource person on Hawaiian culture–and the implications of traditional Hawaiian resource management practices for contemporary Hawaii.”  Kem Lowry , Professor at University of Hawaii

“Ramsay truly is a master of many trades as seen by his incredible wealth of professional experience. He is also kind, supportive and making the world a better place. His unique perspective is invaluable as it reflects his remarkable grasp of cross-disciplinary frameworks (e.g. strategic management, business development, cultural consulting, conflict resolution, etc.).”   Kimberly Goodman, Human Resources Professional

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