RB Kelly

RB Kelly

• Master of effective communications 

• Expert on the power of body language and facial expressions

• Trainer and coach on science-based body communications

Travels from Honolulu, HI

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When RB Kelly was growing up, she was often buried in books. When she finally decided that people might be interesting, and that she should give talking to them a try, she was horrified to discover that people weren’t as predictable as books. There was no back cover to give away what this person was all about. There was no last page that you could sneak a peek at to make sure things would end happily. People were really hard.


Her mother began to think RB was slightly autistic. She never knew what to say, often offended people without meaning to, and regularly got into fights by just sharing her opinion. Her intelligence made her the teacher’s pet, but no one else liked her. Her mother wanted to help and finally, with that special magic that all mothers seem to have, she discovered the best way to teach RB people skills: through books!

It was only when she found a book on body language that things began to change. It would diagnose people’s posture, gestures, movements and expressions and explain how these things would show what these people were thinking. This was the special ingredient, the revolutionary approach that RB needed! No longer did she have to guess what people were feeling or wanting. Now she knew. Thus, RB’s study of body language began.

RB went to college to study communications. Later she formalized her body language training at the Science of People, a private human behavior research lab with access to over 2,500 studies on body language and nonverbal communication. This research lab gave her the laws of nonverbal communication, and now she teaches with 3 principles in mind:

  1. Everything she teaches is science-based and backed by research.
  2. Everything she teaches is applicable, and her clients can begin using these skills immediately.
  3. Her clients will have fun learning and practicing these new skills!

RB meets new people every day, is often the most charismatic person in the room, and speaks with presence and magnetism to all kinds of audiences. Clients and friends laugh in disbelief when they hear about her awkward origins because she’s come so far that they can’t ever imagine her any other way. Today, her mission is to share the incredible tool that took her from awkward to awesome with as many people as she can.

RB donates her time in the Body Language Boss Outreach Program to give body language training and skills to graduating students in Hawaii to help them prepare for the real world. She frequently speaks and delivers training to corporations, sales teams, customer service and hospitality representatives, youth organizations, university faculties and students, and women’s groups. Don’t be thrown off by her youthful appearance. RB is a dynamo, and she’ll change the way your attendees see themselves and others in a matter of minutes! Her powerful strategies will instill greater confidence, presence and awareness, and help every attendee leave with new skills and knowledge that will change their lives forever.




-The Science and Secrets Of An Incredible First Impression

-Does Your Face Scare People? Reading Micro-expressions and Emotions on the Face

-Excellent Presentation: The Key Skills for Pitching and Speaking Effectively

-When A Client Leans In: Whole Body Movements that Tell All

-Just Not That into You: The Body Language of Attraction and Confidence

-He Says, She Says: 7 Steps for Lie Detection


See RB in action: https://vimeo.com/215291832



“RB is amazing. She has this innate ability to pick up little cues such as those your face makes when you’re conversing with other people. I came to her with much to learn, and within an hour she was able to help me tweak my body language, my facial expressions, and a little bit about how I speak. I love how she was able to teach me so much in such a short period of time that will help me with my business. I really had no idea how much body language plays in nonverbal communication. She is worth every penny and every minute!” –Ingrid Hisatake, Entrepreneur

“I had my first session with RB, and it was so amazing! In just 90 minutes she helped me pinpoint what I needed to do to present my business with confidence. If you’re looking to increase your comfortability and conversions when it comes to sales and presentations, working with RB is a must!” –Sarah Paikai, Marketing Expert and Founder of HI000 Social Media Marketing

“RB Kelly brings the language of the body to life in her presentations. She emulates a glow of positive interactions and warmth when you meet her. As a principal, these skills are vital in creating positive relationships with your students, staff, and community. Ms. Kelly’s awareness of everyday signals that our hands and faces transcend to others helped me to improve my actions with others. Her program covers many facets of body language from signals to look for in our students to how we interact with others. I would recommend this training to other schools to promote a positive culture of caring amongst the students, staff, and community.” –Kim Sanders, Principal of Ewa Makai Elementary School and Past Principal of Aiea High School.

“RB Kelly has worked twice with the group of direct sales consultants I lead, and has delivered both times. The women were very open to her coaching and information because RB has a firm knowledge of her subject and is clear, concise and very personable. She is professional and fun, honest as she offers constructive instruction and warm and precise in her delivery of information. RB is organized and prompt. I would recommend her as a Body Language Coach for individuals as well as groups. She is a definite “must have” if you are serious about raising the bar for yourself and your business.” –Kathy Whalen, Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director

“Through RB Kelly’s nonverbal communication training I was able to deepen my understanding of how others perceive me and how I communicate with others. I also learned tools and training for the practical application of what we learned in class. RB was always great about explaining the concepts in detail and checking back in with us to see how we had implemented the training into our lives. These skills will benefit anyone looking to improve their communication in both their personal and professional lives.” –Jennifer Carroll, Health Advocate at Cornerstone Community Chiropractic

“RB Kelly is a confident and eloquent speaker, and she leads by example. She has great insight into subtle things we may be doing that give people the wrong impression about us. By understanding the importance of body language and applying them, you can put yourself at an advantage professionally and in your personal life. She works hard and is generous. I recommend anyone take her up on her complimentary phone session so you can see how you can benefit from her services!” –Jen Minamoto

“I had never heard about body language coaching until I met R.B. I immediately noticed that she had a great presence in the room, and there was a confidence about her that brought a lot of energy to everyone else. I wanted to work on being more confident in all aspects of business from networking, to client presentations, to closing the sale. R.B. has been extremely helpful in training me on how to use my nonverbal skills to achieve greater personal and professional results. I feel so much more confident and self-aware, and I notice so many details about other people that make it easier for me to interact with them. Thank you, R.B.!” –Marian Diop, Allstate Business Consultant and Founder at Aloha Photography Studios

“Working with RB has been really helpful and easy. I have begun noticing changes in my personal body language, and I’ve also become more aware of the body language of others and body language in general. RB is a very likeable and cheerful person who loves what she does. She gives information in a easy-to- digest, painless way. I definitely recommend having a lesson with her.” –Liam Hayes, IT Graduate Student

“I recently had a session with RB Kelly, and she is amazing! We talked about body language, and I learned a lot about things that I do naturally that scream “confidence,” and some body language quirks of mine that might make me seem “standoffish” without intending it. She has some great packages and in 3, 6 or 9 sessions anyone can become a powerhouse!” – Sharon Gutierrez, Owner and Marketing Expert at Shar’Enterprises

“WOW! I hired RB as my personal Body Language Coac,h and I have to say the session I had with her today was AMAZING! Her insight, her training, her connecting to what I needed to raise my non-verbal communication skills to another level is beyond my expectations. I was so impressed with how she communicated to me to bring those skills into my every- day life. She was clear, concise, and she made it easy for me to apply. Rock on RB!”  — Elizabeth “Biz” Kellam, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Expert.