Rob Shallenberger

Rob Shallenberger

  • Former F16 Fighter Pilot, responsible for movement of Air Force One
  • Bestselling author of Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
  • Globally recognized speaker, workshop leader, trainer, and highly successful business owner

Travels from Salt Lake City, UT

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Rob served as an officer and fighter pilot in the United States Air Force for over 11 years. As one of the top F-16 pilots, he was chosen to become an instructor and mentor to young fighter pilots. He was selected as one of a handful of United States Air Force representatives to handle the movement of Air Force One. He handled the delicate coordination between local officials, the United States Secret Service, Embassies, White House Staff, and Foreign Governments.

For years, he operated and flourished in a hostile and fast moving environment. For fighter pilots, change is constant. His experience taught him to respond quickly and concisely to varying situations, many unplanned for and unexpected. Rob doesn’t just talk the talk, he has walked the walk, and knows what it takes to be successful in the toughest environments.

Since leaving the Air Force, Rob has become a top-rated, highly in-demand keynote speaker. Rob’s keynotes and seminars help teams and leaders to be their very best in every area of their life. He shares new, cutting-edge tools and processes that can have an immediate impact on behavioral change, revenue, net profit for businesses, employee turnover, customer retention, and morale. He has delivered keynotes and led workshops for Fortune 500 companies around the world, and for schools and school districts across the country. He is also the CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, an award-winning leadership and corporate training company.

Rob is the author of the acclaimed book How to Succeed in High School. His company also recently released a #1 National Bestseller titled Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. The tools, processes, and principles shared in these books have been lauded by leaders around the world.

Rob is married and has four beautiful children. He’s passionate about helping people succeed in every stage of life and helping them achieve their best!

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Keynotes for Corporate and Education Leaders

Becoming Your Best

Based on the National Bestselling book Becoming Your Best: The 12 principles of Highly Successful Leaders – which includes 40 years of research from peak performing companies – attendees learn how to leverage the 12 principles that propel teams and organizations to success.

Running a business, organization, school district, school or department in today’s high-pressure landscape gets more difficult every year. Given the level of challenges, and competition, leaders and managers are struggling to find ways to increase performance…and sleep well at night in the process. Attendee leaders and teams walk out of Rob’s seminars and keynotes armed with the tools, processes, and principles to bring out the very best in each area of their own lives,  as well as how to bring out the best in their staff.

 When Teams Attend Together

Team members learn much more than how to manage, they learn how to lead and achieve outstanding results personally and as a critical part of the organization. Team members learn how to use new, cutting-edge tools and processes that will have a direct, positive result in many areas including behavioral change, reduced employee turnover, morale, stakeholder relationships, and, for corporations and companies, increased revenue.

 Key Take-aways

– An award winning formula to create a clear strategy and culture by design rather than a culture by default.

– Discover the 5 steps to effective communication that every employee should know and practice.

– Learn the 3 keys to help your team create actionable goals and a specific plan, and make your staff and teachers the best in the world at what they do.

– Practice the 4 steps to prioritize your time, reduce stress, find balance, and increase

productivity & happiness!

– A proven strategy to create high levels of motivation and positive behavioral change in teams, staff and employees.

– Learn the 5 characteristics of the world’s most profitable and successful organizational cultures.

– Gain a solid understand of how  to use the 6 Steps to Planning and Execution to solve even the most complex

opportunities or challenges.

– Discover what is costing organizations an average of $26,041 per employee each year, and how to turn that around.

– How to unify a team, develop an actionable plan, and focus on what matters most.

– 5 Ways to create high trust, and keep your great employees and teachers great year after year.

– The simple steps to becoming a master listener, tuned in and ready to respond effectively to every situation.

Special Becoming Your Best Programs for YPO

Why is this different than any other program and the perfect chapter event? Many YPO parents are concerned about the entitlement mentality in their youth. They hope their children will be hard workers, take control of their own lives, and make a difference in the world. When you attend the Becoming Your Best: A flight plan for life chapter event, it will help your children see their life and future through a new and exciting lens.

During this power-packed event, you and your children will leave motivated, refreshed and inspired. After a recent YPO chapter event, one of the parents commented, “I brought my 15 year old son kicking and screaming, he didn’t want to be there. However, when we left, my son looked over and said, ‘Dad, I finally know what I want to do with my life and I know how to get there. I’m so excited about the future!’ I was stunned to hear my son say something I’ve never heard him say before. During our short time together at the chapter event, my son experienced a total transformation! Thank you so much. I cringe to think what would have happened had I stayed home that day.”


Key Take-aways for Parents and YPO Members

  • The power of mindset and skillset to achieve success, personally and professionally!
  • Develop a personal and family vision for the next 1, 5, and 10 years.
  • No more New Year Resolutions! Learn how fighter pilots create actionable goals and plans to achieve the vision.
  • Discover the 4 steps to prioritize your time, reduce stress, find balance, and increase happiness.
  • Ignite a fire and fuel success by doing what 80% of domestic households failed to do this year.
  • Discover the one secret about failure the world doesn’t know and doesn’t want your children or employees to know!
  • Learn a proven strategy to create behavioral change in children and employees!



“I’ve been to many of these types of events over the years, but this is the cream of the crop!” – Michael Comet, President, – Pepsi-Cola CU Bottling Co.

“You are a true inspiration. I was overjoyed with the positive feedback from my group!” – Laura A. Nestler, Executive Vice President, Omni Communications

“Our sincerest thanks for taking time with our managers. Your portion of our training ranked #1!  We simply cannot thank you enough for the breakthroughs.” – Mark Holland, CEO, Intermountain Staffing

“I urge all students, parents, and teachers to read, discuss, plan, and implement these powerful principles. You will be amazed at the results!”  Terry Shoemaker, Wasatch County School District Superintendent

“I have attended many seminars, conferences, and keynotes in the past. None have left, nor will continue to leave, the lasting impression you and Becoming Your Best have left me.”  – Steve Mena, VP of Operations, Premier Healthcare Services

“The presenter’s enthusiasm, insightful strategies, mix of audio, video, and paper-based delivery channels, and audience participation activities kept our team engaged, energized, and intrigued. It was a true learning experience for our team, and helped us define excellence at Hickory Point Bank. We anticipate that this investment will assist the bank on its journey to become Central Illinois’ best bank.” –Anthony G. Nestler, President and CEO, Hickory Point Ban

“I want to thank you for the excellent keynote presentation! … Your introduction of the Guiding Constants and dynamic presentation were outstanding, as evidenced by the strong audience participation and feedback. As you were able to see, you impacted our members’ lives. Thank you for your hard work and preparation!”   – David A. Herrera, President, Cam Service

“It was fantastic to share in something that was so great! It was very exciting. Thanks for all you do, and being such a great example!” Mike Browning, Orem High School Principal

“Becoming Your Best provides simple, yet compelling, strategies to dramatically improve your effectiveness, level of accomplishment and personal satisfaction in the way you go about doing it. I highly recommend Becoming Your Best for corporate leaders!”  Bob Marquardt, President, Management & Training Corporation

“Best keynote I’ve ever heard. I want you to train our entire staff. The focus will be how to create loyal employees who want to be there, and who will stay.” President, Wells Fargo Bank, Texas

“Performing a leading role in The Phantom of the Opera demanded my best every single night, so I’ve been committed to personal and professional development for many years. Becoming Your Best offers a unique step-by-step process that will teach you how to give a Broadway-caliber performance in your life and business!”  Sandra Joseph, Broadway star of “The Phantom of the Opera” and co-author of Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice

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