Rodney Allgood

Rodney Allgood

  • Creator of Mindshift 360
  • Master of motivation
  • Successful entrepreneur and dynamic presenter

Travels Las Vegas, NV and Hawaii

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Rodney Allgood is a long time entrepreneur who founded his first business at the age of 22 on the island of Maui in 1990. He has since launched several successful businesses, and has found that the main ingredient for his success has been the mindset and attitude that he keeps, as well as the power of his thoughts. Since 2005, his passion has been to share his paradigms with others who are bold enough to pursue their dreams. He has been a keynote motivational speaker at conventions and meetings throughout the country. He is also the creator of a seminar called mindSHIFT 360 which is designed to assist us to break through our mental limitations that we impose upon ourselves. As a fellow speaker once expressed “Mr. Allgood is just that when he speaks….ALL GOOD!”
At a very young age Rodney Allgood built two very successful businesses and generated well into the seven figures before the age of 30, but like so many others he faced the challenges that life throws out there – like divorce, the crash of the economy, and many other personal challenges. Suddenly Rodney was left with virtually nothing that he had built for 20 years and felt lost, lonely and confused. After realizing his true calling in life, Rodney was able to pick himself up and rebuild his life one brick at a time.

He teaches his audiences that you can either get BITTER or you can get BETTER. His message is that by embracing the good and the bad in our lives that we will find that we have the experiences and wisdom to create a life on a level that we never knew before. That we can be more fulfilled, more successful and more satisfied that you ever thought possible!

Rodney Allgood motivates audience members to improve their personal performance, and gives them real tools and “how to’s” that they can take back to their teams, and implement right away. Rodney is a master at what he does. He delivers a hard-hitting wake-up call – with powerful lessons and stories –  in a way that motivates and generates action. Additionally, Rodney adds poetry and humor to every speaking engagement so that attendees are entertained and inspired. Over and over again, attendees at Rodney’s presentations say they are not only motivated, they experience a shift in their confidence and knowledge of what they need to do differently!


JUST STOP IT! (Anti-Bullying)

160,00 kids miss school every day in this country because of the fear of being bullied. Teens rarely take the time to think about the effect they have on others. Teens walk away from this presentation feeling understood, supported and empowered.

Personal P.R.I.D.E

Rodney believes that all of us were born with the ability to become great at something in life and that we are all uniquely gifted.

5 Tier Leadership

The earlier a teen identifies themselves as a leader, the quicker he or she is to begin living in a responsible way. Youth leaders are the key to creating a culture where things like bullying rarely exist. We teach teens how to achieve the highest levels of leadership at a young age.


Creating Your B.E.S.T. YOU 

In this talk Rodney demonstrates creating your B.E.S.T. YOU can be accomplished by four things B- for expanding your BELIEFS about yourself, and what is possible, E- for controlling your EMOTIONS, S- for using only positive SELF TALK, and T- for managing your THOUGHTS.

The Champions Mindset 

Here Rodney explains the mental edge that true champions have over their competition. At the highest levels, all are skilled, and talented, but a true champion always has the champions mindset.

Act Like an Adult, Think Like a Child 

In this speech Rodney shows how children are sometimes closer to understanding human potential, as they allow themselves the wildest dreams, believe that anything is possible, and they ask lots of questions. As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge, and we can certainly learn this from children.

Additional Topics

Unleash the Power of Your Mind

You Were Created to THRIVE, Not Just Exist!

We are Defined by the Power of Our Thoughts



“I have never seen my students so focused on receiving a message; most speakers cannot hold their attention like Mr. Allgood.”   Al Silva, Teacher/ Coach -Hawaii

 “As parents, you tell your kids things and they don’t hear you, Rodney ‘got to them! He was truly amazing.”  Melody Jones- Teacher – Las Vegas

“I have had the opportunity to witness first had the effectiveness of Rodney Allgood’s content and delivery.  He is a very effective speaker and makes a definite friendly connection with his audience.  It was refreshing to hear a speaker who was so considerate of his audience.  I have spoken to audiences around the world, and with some of the best speakers and I would not hesitate to put Mr. Allgood on the stage with any of them.  He is refreshing, relevant and impressive.”  Wally Amos, “The Cookie Man”, Author, Honolulu, HI

“We just had the opportunity to have Mr. Allgood speak to our students, he is more than a motivational speaker, he is an inspirational speaker……and it was ALL GOOD! I have never seen my students so focused on receiving a message. What he gave to them is what they really needed, in regards to achieving their goals. Rodney hit the nail on the head, as many talk about goal-setting, but Rodney went beyond goal setting, he talked about how to use the mind properly, and how use visualization to achieve your goals. He also talked about the conscious, and the sub conscious mind, which most people don’t cover. He was just an incredible speaker. If you have the opportunity to have Rodney come to your class, jobs, or seminar, take advantage. Rodney is a difference maker wherever he goes.” Allan Silva,  Head Basketball Coach Farrington High School, Aloha Learning Center- Teacher/CoordinatorHonolulu, Hi 

“I have known and worked with Rodney Allgood for the past 7 years. Over the years, I have shared the stage with Rodney and have been an audience member, watching Rodney speak. It is always such an enjoyable presentation when Rodney is speaking. His natural ability to take charge of a room and relate to the audience is unparalleled. He prepares for his audience and his co-speakers and is always relevant and insightful. His style of speaking draws the audience in, you see them actually leaning in towards the stage. He mixes in humor at the right time and his delivery is easy to listen to. Mr. Allgood is just that when he speaks… ALL GOOD!!”  Todd Denkin Speaker/Presenter,  Las Vegas NV.

“Thank you for your amazing seminar. Mindshift360 has allowed me to breakthrough and jump to the next level in my business. Your seminar helped me understand the power of our mind and all we do is just believe and know we have that greatness in all of us. I attended couple weeks ago…made a decision to where I want to be…ran for it. Now my business is on the right track. My business volume grew 40% from the previous month. We are on target! Thanks for sharing and helping others to find their purpose. Mindshift360 is very empowering.” Jeanice Geyrozaga, 1 Star National Marketing Director Nerium International, Honolulu, Hi

” When it comes to Rodney Allgood, one thing I know for sure is that his optimistic lifestyle and the words he shares are contagious. With a natural presence of leadership Rodney encourages, uplifts and edifies people around him continually. His wisdom is beyond his years and I also find that he has the ability to be just as sensitive a listener as speaker. I gladly endorse Rodney Allgood as a positive influence for men and women throughout the world. He motivates with compassion and teaches from experience.”  Adisa Omar Camara,  Radio Personality  KDLX Radio 94.3 Maui, HI.

“I had the pleasure of working with Rodney in the past years and it was refreshing to work with someone who was so positive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed his training and coaching style towards team building and he was always well received by the groups he was presenting. I would consider Rodney to be a great resource and asset to any company or organization.” Rich Schott , International Success Coach, Trainer & Mentor    Baltimore, MD.

“If you all haven’t heard Rodney’s presentation, stop making excuses and spend a few hours on you, because you are worth it! Aloha!”  Teri Mueller Bruesehoff   Kailua, Hi

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