Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows

  • Best-selling author of Vision, Mindset, Grit
  • Top-ranked Kick Boxing Black Belt Champion
  • Diagnosed as quadriplegic after a horrific car accident – but proved the doctors wrong


Travels from Florida

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Scott Burrows’ unforgettable, life-changing story of turning a paralyzing setback into a powerful comeback through a clear Vision, a determined Mindset and unstoppable Grit inspires. As an International Keynote Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author, you will find that his captivating message is one of hope, courage and perseverance. Scott’s real-life experiences and eloquent storytelling move people into Action!

Scott Burrows was a star athlete and fierce competitor. By the age of 19, he played college football at Florida State University as a wide receiver under coach Bobby Bowden and was a top-ranked kick-boxing Black Belt champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. During the height of Scott’s collegiate career, his life changed dramatically and abruptly on November 3rd, 1984. He survived a horrific car crash, suffering a serious spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic. Despite his grim diagnosis, Scott refused to be sidelined. After six months of intense physical therapy, Scott astonished everyone, including his doctors, by turning an impossible goal of standing again into a reality.       Scott enrolled back into college and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. After graduation, he entered the insurance and financial industry as a financial advisor. In his 5th year, he qualified for the Million Dollar Table, a 100% commission-driven award that less than 8% of his peers from all companies around the world qualify for yearly. At the pinnacle of that career, Scott decided to make a change and partner with his brother Mark as a venture capitalist. Together, they formed an international golf course development company, doing business in Southeast Asia. That company still thrives today.  Today, as a motivational keynote speaker and bestselling author, Scott has presented to organizations, associations and Fortune 500 companies and has been invited to kick off corporate conferences in Australia, India, Spain, Bermuda, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Canada.

SCOTT’S COMMITMENT to YOU –  As top-rated Motivational Keynote Speaker, Scott Burrows’ clients will tell you his presentations are customized exclusively for your organization. With a personal touch, he seamlessly weaves in your company’s challenges, core values and objectives at hand—while lending his own personal story and anecdotes that will compliment your overall theme and messaging of any product you may have. After you book Scott, his team will forward you a pre-event questionnaire and schedule a conference call with Scott so you can discuss your event in greater detail. Using that information, he will personalize his message, which will include a dynamic blend of content, humor and takeaway value.  As you explore his website, you will find content information, video footage and video testimonials so you’ll be confident you’re making the right investment by booking him for your next conference. Scott arrives the day before your event to make himself available to engage with key people in your organization. He will then meet with your audiovisual team to assure a smooth transitioning of the event details. Finally, to complete this top-notch experience, Scott requires a wireless microphone, computer and video projector to play his opening and closing videos, as well as a wheelchair ramp to get onto the stage. Following his keynote, Scott requests a 6’ skirted table for his book signing.




Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge. Scott’s unforgettable story of hope and unbelievable perseverance—told while using his own physical paralysis as a metaphor and blending eloquent storytelling and humor—leaves audiences captivated and wanting more. He teaches that the most overwhelming of setbacks, professional as well as personal, can be converted into success, fulfillment and personal realization. In addition to his thought-provoking story, he leaves them with the tools they need to stand up to any challenge. As an all-star athlete, Scott played college football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kick-boxing Black Belt champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. During the height of his athletic career, Scott survived a devastating car crash. He suffered a serious spinal cord injury that left a diagnosis of quadriplegia and the complete reinvention of his life. To thrive, beat the odds and achieve extraordinary results both personally and professionally, he learned to harness a clear Vision, a determined Mindset and unstoppable Grit. These three simple words, with so much meaning and impact behind them, can be extremely powerful to any person or organization when put into action!  Scott’s Personalized Presentations will be creatively designed around your organization’s theme.



A Challenging, Full-Throttle Breakout Session! Feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed are inevitable—and inescapable—traits of the human condition, whether at work, at home or in other social environments. In this lively, engaging session, Scott Burrows helps audience members root out the causes of those anxieties and learn from each other how to Think Outside the Moment to fight such fears for a more productive, enriching life. Through careful guidance and an entertaining, inspiring approach, Scott digs deep into the vulnerabilities and dynamics of the group for a unique session, where everyone gets involved and everyone leaves with new skills and coping mechanisms built around his empowering concepts of VISION MINDSET GRIT

Audiences discover answers to three key questions… 1) What are you now fighting for going forward in both your personal and professional life? 2) What is that Vision to which you want to commit? 3) Who is willing to hold you accountable?

EVERYONE INVOLVED WILL DEVELOP:  The Vision to clearly see what they want. The Mindset to adapt to any uncomfortable situation completely on the fly.  The Grit to stand tall and perform regardless of their comfort zone.



“Each year, our Global Sales Conference is literally our “Super Bowl” for the Celebrity sales team. It’s the one time we’re all together and our big shot at setting the tone for the upcoming year with a high energy and motivational message. Thanks to Scott Burrows, 2016 will be our best year ever! Scott’s message of VISION MINDSET GRIT has literally transformed the way our team looks at challenges, sales goals and life. As a result of Scott’s life-changing message, our team will never feel sorry for themselves and, most importantly, NEVER STOP BELIEVING that ANYTHING is possible. If you want to truly inspire and motivate your sales team or team, Scott Burrows will over-deliver at every level!”  Keith Lane, Vice President of Sal

“Scott took the information he gathered in our pre-meeting call and wove it seamlessly into his message, which made it relevant to each and every person in the room.” ChrIs Powell, Senior Vice President & GM

“The theme of this year’s meeting was ‘Believe,’ and Scott’s story blended beautifully with our meeting message. He seamlessly incorporated our client’s name, goals and other key information into his talk.” Joyce Russell, President, Adecco

“It was as though Scott had been working side-by-side with our General Agents, as he clearly demonstrated an understanding of the issues and opportunities they face.” J. Craig Collins, Senior Vice President, ING

“Moving. Emotional. Authentic.”   YPO

“He made us laugh. He made us cry. He brought us to our feet.” Florida Association of Counties


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