Steve Riley

Steve Riley

  • International trainer and respected former lead facilitator of the Disney Approach Seminars, Walt Disney World
  • Selected as Top Trainer for many years for Disney’s renown orientation program: Traditions
  • Former head of training at the Mauna Kea Beach Resort and Hapuna Beach Prince Resort



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A Disney career that spanned the world on three continents, over 25 years and reaching more than 100,000 employees, Steve Riley developed a keen understanding of what makes a great company great. For the past decade, Steve has worked around the world with his own company assisting his clients to dream, create and realize a world of success based on reshaping, enhancing or building their own brand of performance excellence and customer experience culture. Steve’s successful career includes this short list of highlights and achievements:

  • Selected among the top trainers in the Disney company to lead Disney’s award winning, renowned orientation program, Disney Traditions
  • Selected to train and develop leaders for the opening of Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris
  • Senior facilitator and subject matter expert for the Disney Institute’s award winning professional development programs: The Disney Approach series (including The Disney Approach to Quality Service, The Disney Approach to Selection, Training & Engagement, The Disney Approach to Creativity & Innovation and The Disney Approach to Leadership Excellence)
  • Key facilitator for Disney’s Educator Programs in partnership with Florida State University college of Education.
  • Selected to direct the training department for Hawaii’s Big Island’s Mauna Kea Resort (featuring the renowned Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel)
  • Principle/lead consultant for developing an organizational culture shift with many worldwide organizations including: Coca-Cola (Brazil), Deloitte (Denmark), Indiana Heart Associates, Publix Supermarkets, Harley-Davidson, Admiral Hotel (Denmark), Tatilya (Istanbul, among others.
  • Selected to direct and develop a patient-centric organizational culture for the largest specialty hospital in the Middle East, Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar

Steve’s vast international experience is a testament to his ability to reach and engage people from all corners of the world. Respecting and valuing everyone is key to his success. His inclusive approach, humor, and fun facilitation style engages and teaches his audience through great stories, insightful experiences, practical ideas that can be put into practice immediately, pragmatic solutions and, of course, laughter!

Riley earned his Master of Education from Heritage University and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rollins College in Orlando, FL, majoring in Organizational Communication.





According to one fairly astute and somewhat mythical nanny, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! The job’s a game.” For most, business is no game and people take their work very seriously, as they should. Yet imagine a company who is world leader in delivering excellence. One that consistently provides unique value added memorable customer experiences who, in spite of dropping buckets of hard earned cash or literally watching their credit cards melt from overuse, they can’t wait to go back. It’s a place where employees are proud of their work, purposeful in their mission and productive beyond expectations. Sounds too good to be real? No….it’s not Fantasyland….it’s Disney!

From my extensive global Disney experience and my work with other world-class experience economy leaders, you will take a look behind curtain, so to speak, to discover their business behind the magic. In this talk, you will:

  • Examine eight key organizational imperatives that Harvard Business School says lead to profit, growth and shareholder value
  • Learn how selecting the best talent, every time, will reduce the need to manage post-hire disconnects and ensure your long-term success
  • Discover how an orientation and on-boarding training strategy sets the stage to not only communicate critical must-know information but begins the process of winning the heart of new staff
  • Examine key leadership attributes that create pride, purpose and productivity                            

 Other topics:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Magical Customer Experiences

Each of the following topics can be delivered in a variety of formats; customized and adapted to your audience and industry.


It’s one thing to get the customer to come to you…’s entirely something different to get them to return. Now, take that to the next level by converting that routine transactional customer into a lifelong loyal advocate for your business.  It’s easier than you think!  In this program, you will examine and explore a strategic direction that stresses the importance of orchestrating the complete customer experience and explore these key concepts:

  • Implementing a successfully proven, strategically balanced and time tested business model
  • Developing the essential core foundations of your service culture
  • How to exceed expectations without breaking the bank
  • Standardizing the scope of autonomy and decision-making by employees to address the needs and wants while managing customer expectations
  • Three integral service delivery modalities
  • From the executive suite to the newly hired, getting everyone on the same page
  • Integrating your standards throughout the organization
  • The leaders role in the customer experience economy


Congratulations!  You’ve made the team!   Whether you have recently joined a team or you could be considered a long term seasoned experienced veteran, your role in the team is critical to its overall ability to be successful.  However, you are not on a team of one.  How each member of the team interacts, responds, collaborates, communicates, makes decisions, assumes responsibilities, etc. is tied directly to our individual, personal style.  But in a team environment, personal styles of some members may be polar opposites, like oil and vinegar or magnets incapable of making a connection.  So potentially the team stagnates, incapable of achieving its objectives which should always includes respecting and valuing others as individuals.  In this program, you will examine these key learning objectives:

  • Using the Everything DiSC personal assessment instrument, you will identify your Personal Style
  • Understand your key motivators, communication preferences and what inhibits your success
  • Learn about the other Personal Style attributes
  • How to read other’s style
  • How to be more effective with others style
  • Develop tactics or strategies to effectively interact with different styles


“Thank you Steve for the terrifically insightful and useful seminar/workshop we attended. YOU  provided a world-class experience and a learning that, for me, is unparalleled with anything I’ve experienced in over 25 years as a senior leader executive.  From the inspired ideas, insights, tactics and recommendations presented along with your passionate, personable, relevant approach and our dedication and perseverance, we are now growing by double digits and we have a solid bottom line with good development in the pipeline!  As a result, we now see even much more potential reaching even higher strategic goals. That is the exiting thing about the job. Thank you again for your incredible work and your continued dedication to the pursuit of excellence!  Rune Stephansen, CEO, Nobia Svenska Kök