Steve Shallenberger

Steve Shallenberger

  • More than 40 years as a highly successful business owner
  • Help build the Covey Leadership Center with Dr. Stephen Covey into a dynamic international company
  • Global authority on organizational success and time management

Travels from Salt Lake City, UT

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Steve Shallenberger is recognized as a leading global authority on organizational success and time management.  He is widely known for his fun, energetic, and highly impactful keynotes and seminars. Based on the National Bestselling book Becoming Your Best: The 12 principles of Highly Successful Leaders – which includes 40 years of research from peak performing companies – Steve shows participants how to leverage the 12 principles that propel teams and organizations to the top! Over the past 30 years, Steve has spoken on every continent and done team building and corporate training events with many Fortune 500 companies. He has successfully started three different businesses in three separate industries. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he has walked the walk. He attended Harvard Business School and sat on Stephen Covey’s Board of Directors. He was one of the principle architects of the Covey organizer that led to millions in sales for Covey Leadership Center. Steve’s keynotes and seminars are focused on helping teams and leaders bring out their very best in every area of their life. He shares new, cutting-edge tools and processes that can have an immediate impact on revenue, net profit, employee turnover, customer retention, and morale.

Keynote and Seminar

Becoming Your Best

Running a business or department in today’s high-pressure business landscape gets more difficult every year. Given the level of competition, leaders and managers are striving to figure out ways to improve margins, increase performance, and sleep well at night in the process. Leaders and teams walk out of Steve’s keynotes and seminars armed with the tools, processes, and principles to bring out the very best in each area of their lives as well as how to bring out the best in their teams. They learn much more than how to manage – they learn how to lead and achieve outstanding results personally and as an organization.

Other topics:
Transformational Leadership, Transformational Teams and Relationships, and Transformational Living

Key Take-aways

– An award winning formula to create a clear strategy and culture of excellence.
– Discover the 5 steps to effective communication that every employee should know.
– Learn the 3 keys to help your team create actionable goals and a specific plan.
– Practice the 4 steps to prioritize your time, reduce stress, find balance, and increase
productivity and happiness!
– A proven strategy to create behavioral change in teams and employees.


-The 5 characteristics of the world’s most profitable and successful organizational

-How to use the 6 Steps to Planning and Execution to solve even the most complex

opportunities or challenges.
– Discover what is costing companies an average of $26,041 per employee each year!
– How to unify a team, develop an actionable plan, and focus on what matters most!
– A proven way to motivate and bring out the best in your employees.




“Steve is a walking success story of his teachings. He is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. What a treasure to be able to learn from him.”    Blake Roney, Founder and Chairman, Nu Skin


“This was the most inspiring event we’ve ever attended. It was lively, interactive and got the audience involved. What you taught is critical to the success of any organization!”    Bertrand Abraham, Chief of Human Resources, Velogic Ltd.


“I am so grateful that you took the time to travel and meet with the people that will forever remember the insight you have shared. You are a true inspiration! I was overjoyed with the positive feedback from my group and I have eagerly shared what I learned from your event.” Laura A. Nestler, Executive Vice President, Omni


            “Steve Shallenberger has been an inspiring leader in several companies and three different industries, while at the same time being highly sought after as a guide to others through their own businesses and personal development. Becoming Your Best is the distillation of that lifetime of experience into a set of clear, timeless principles from which all of us can learn how to develop and sustain excellence. It’s the most valuable time you will spend with a book or training this year!”    Randal Quarles, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group, and former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury


            “I’ve worked with thousands of speakers who have amazing ideas. Steve and his team have developed something powerful in Becoming Your Best. Every person, family, or organization needs to attend a live Becoming Your Best event and read the book. It’s a game changer!”    James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”, Founder,