Tracy Weeden

Tracy Weeden

  • President and CEO of Neuhaus Education
  • Former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Respected expert in professional development

Travels from Houston, TX

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Dr. Tracy Weeden is a seasoned and passionate leader dedicated to advancing literacy and academic excellence for children and adults. With an Ed.D in Educational Leadership, Tracy has spent her career creating and building innovative programs, systems, and teams focused on providing enhanced learning opportunities and exceptional outcomes for students.

Tracy started her education career as an English teacher. is a true visionary when it comes to improving the world through education. Her innovative style of leadership, combined with her compassionate and engaging nature, enables her to successfully manage change and growth across a diverse constituent base including Boards of Trustees, donors, staff, parents, teachers, educational partners, and students.

In her current role as President and CEO of Neuhaus, she provides leadership and support in the areas of financial management, recruitment and development of staff, fundraising initiatives, initiating and furthering relationships with NEC partners, and guidance of professional and public relations.

Prior to joining Neuhaus, Tracy was the Executive Director of Academic Planning with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Intervention Services Group (a division recently acquired from Scholastic Achievement Partners). In this capacity, Dr. Weeden provided executive consulting nationally on the development of systems that helped school districts improve student achievement and address barriers to rigorous, relevant learning. Prior to Scholastic Achievement Partners, she spent more than five years as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for the Houston Independent School District. Dr. Weeden was also involved in strategic planning at a national and international level on key grant initiatives, including an I-3 grant that was recently funded in partnership with the National Science Resource Council with Smithsonian, and developed television programming including a live elementary math show and a talk show to highlight curriculum initiatives. She has also served as an assistant principal for curriculum and instruction, an educational consultant, and a director of academic planning.


Literacy – A National Crisis

Today more than ever, it is imperative that literacy lead the way in our country if we are to remain a global contender. The youth of today are being prepared for a knowledge economy. Those who lag behind when it comes to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and presenting their ideas will experience a seismic opportunity gap. The key to overcoming this gap is not just the work of schools, it is all about strategic partnerships between school districts, business partners, and universities. Learn about next practices that are moving the needle so that students are poised to transform their family tree through literacy.

The Land of Not Enough

What are your assumptions about the poor? Are you aware of the systems that perpetuate poverty in our country? Did you know that there are different types of poverty? Learn how your organization can serve as a navigator for those within your realm of influence to travel through the land of not enough, to the land of more than enough on a pilgrim out of the war zone of poverty.

Initiative Overload

Enter the real world of schools with me. What are the habits of highly effective school leaders to avoid the malaise of “initiative over load?” What is the focus of the fastest improving systems? How do they work differently to create a viable and sustainable culture of growth and learning for all? High levels of effectiveness as leaders does not have to mean over load. There are proven solutions that can change the way you lead. Learn how to incorporate them into your best practices.



“Dr. Tracy Weeden is an exceptional and inspiring presenter who captivates the audience with her enthusiasm and freely shares her talents.   She speaks from experience and from her heart. She reflects on the topic of discussion while infusing real world practical application and strategies. She certainly impacts the audience in a thought provoking manner. I was personally moved to learn more about her life experiences, and I’m certain regardless of the topic she can help transform systems with her insight.” Martha Salazar-Zamora, Chief Academic Officer, Tomball ISD

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Tracy Weeden. Dr. Weeden is an inspiration to anyone who has the honor of her acquaintance.   Last year, April 2015, she was a keynote speaker at our annual Region IV conference of Texas Council of Women School Executives. Her presentation touched the hearts and spirits of those in attendance and inspired us to see the world from a new perspective. Her balance of personal narrative and professional perspective was well articulated and presented with a warm and inviting demeanor. Her call to action and passion for excellence in education culminated with a standing ovation from the audience! As a member of the executive board for TCWSE, it was a highlight of our programming for our annual conferences as reflected in the feedback we received in exit surveys and requests for information for Dr. Weeden.”  Lindsey Pollock, Ed. D., Principal

“As the former Executive Director for Scholastic Inc.’s educational consulting division, I had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Tracy Weeden’s public speaking on at least a dozen occasions. Tracy speaks from the heart. Her powerful and poignant lessons about literacy, professional development, and educational policy are interwoven with personal narratives drawn from her experiences as a teacher, mentor to struggling students, administrator, advisor, wife and mother. Because she shares so much of herself, audiences are immediately drawn to her. In my role, I was privy to the formally collected attendee feedback, and I can attest to the ringing praise, and requests from prospective clients for business development meetings, that arose from Tracy’s sessions. Dr. Weeden is guiding force, and I endorse her wholeheartedly.“  Helena Plater-Zyberk, Chief Executive Officer SimpleTherapy Inc.