Vicki Hitzges

Vicki Hitzges

  • Former television anchor and talk show host
  • Mentored by Zig Ziglar
  • Hilarious, motivational speaker

Travels from Dallas, Texas

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Vicki Hitzges started her career communicating with the public in the front office for the Dallas Cowboys.  Fifteen years later, she hosted their weekly TV show, “Special Edition.”

In between time, she worked as a television news anchor and talk show host in Dallas, Texas where she had the privilege of meeting U.S. Presidents, business moguls, movie stars, fashion designers, authors and athletes.  Later, she became a publicist and worked to get clients featured on national television programs, in magazines and newspapers and on radio programs.  One of her clients, motivational guru Zig Ziglar, was impressed with Vicki’s creativity, so he  invited her to be one of the few speakers he would personally mentor.  Within three months Vicki had spoken around the world.

Having worked in communications all her life, Vicki knows the value of telling stories, using humor, giving practical content and involving her audience.  In 2004, she earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.  CSP is the highest designation awarded by the National Speakers Association to recognize proven expertise and experience.  Fewer than 7% of speakers worldwide have earned this title.

Vicki has spoken across the U.S. and as far away as Qatar, New Zealand, Panama and Thailand.  She’s addressed banks, insurance companies, hotel chains, government groups, legal associations, health groups, retail chains, manufacturers, travel, auditing and accounting groups. Vicki’s active in the community as well as the corporate world. She has served on the Board of Directors of both the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Dallas and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Get ready for a high-energy, entertaining and thought-provoking session! Vicki Hitzges will use stories, one-liners and activities to give your audience an experience they’ll remember . . . and techniques they can use immediately to think creatively, conquer change, clobber stress and connect!


Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are Trees Out There
(Boost Strong Working Relationships/Teams/Service)

Theme: People reach out to people who reach out.

Purpose: To build strong working and personal relationships.
(People do business with people they like.)

Popular kickoff or wrap-up convention keynote. Funny. Lots of stories. Highly interactive. Time flies because audience members participate in small-group activities that teach them how to shake hands (a huge number don’t know how,) actively listen, encourage others and connect. Your group will learn several vital skills to use at work and home to build solid relationships that last.

NOTE: After giving this talk four times in one day for M&T Bank in New York, I got seven spin-off booking requests. Chase Bank booked it eight times. It works for all industries as a service/sales/team work presentation. Ideal opening or closing keynote.

Attitude Schmattitude
(How to Stay Positive)

Theme: Happiness doesn’t happen TO us, it happens IN us. Choose to enjoy life!

Purpose: Up-beat, inspiring talk that boosts morale.

Tips from Vicki’s popular book Attitude Is Everything. Your group will learn to get and stay up even when circumstances are down. This is a meaty, entertaining keynote.

NOTE: Meeting planners often buy the book Attitude Is Everything as a gift for audience members. It’s affordable, boosts morale and reinforces the message. Ask about bulk discounts.

Old Dogs – New Tricks
(Conquer the Challenge of Change)

Theme: Master change or change will master you.

Purpose: For a group to flourish (not fold) when faced with a threatening change.

Arguably the biggest challenge facing business today is the constant bombardment of change. When an organization faces a change, it’s resisted and resented. The people affected need to not only survive the change, they need to thrive in its midst. This interactive, fast-paced talk tells how.

Jazz ‘em Up – Turn ‘em Loose!
(How to Motivate Your Workforce)

Theme: To get employees to care about work, a boss must work to care about employees.

Purpose: Transform people who think they’re mere workers into confident, enthusiastic producers.

Ideal presentation for managers. One of the most popular, entertaining and useful talks on this subject. Supervisors hear innovative, creative ideas that other, successful top managers currently use to motivate their employees. Humorous, fun, and full of excellent information!

Here I Am – There You Are
(Build Strong Relationships)

Theme: Jumpstart your happiness and success: Make other people know they’re important.

Purpose: To help your group build loyal customers, co-workers and friends.

This presentation demonstrates the benefit of putting others first– to create lasting friendships and loyal clients.

Salmon Mousse Is Just a Fancy Name for Whipped Fish
(How to Be Creative)

Theme: Imagination is a mental muscle. The more you flex it, the better your life can be.

Purpose: To teach audiences to exercise their mental muscles. They learn how to brainstorm,  “frame” problems to get the best solutions and use their imagination to find innovative solutions to challenges. (Information is practical … and fun!)

With fewer resources, less people and more change, workers constantly have to do more with less. That takes time, energy and imagination. Using improvisation techniques, small group activities and brainstorming sessions, this engaging presentation teaches your group to find better solutions faster.



“Our group loved you! We booked you to remind our already top-notch execs to be confident, proactive and resourceful. You did that –and more! You brought energy and connection to the room. Our people left encouraged, elated and eager to serve. Thank you!” A. Baumann, Vice President, ADP Total Source

“WOW! What a pistol. Your energy, passion, and enthusiasm almost jumped off the stage at us. Numerous people came up after the conference to share how much they enjoyed your message. I love that you incorporate into your speech something unique about the folks here at Raytheon. I highly recommend you to any group.” Women’s Leadership network, Raytheon

“Your presentation was nothing short of spectacular. This is a tough group and you had them completely captivated and engaged. Thanks for making our day!” C. Marra, Vice President, Retail Banking, M&T Bank

“Your presentation was very inspiring and full of energy. The examples you used were so funny, mainly because we could relate to them all!” L. Blair, IRS, Dept of the Treasury

“Your high-energy style and ability to tailor your presentations to a specific audience are rare qualities. Several associates told me that they had dreaded attending a mandatory three-hour seminar, and were surprised that the session flew by—it felt like they were there for one hour–certainly not three.” C. Rodewald, Mng Dir., Prudential Asset Resources (Then Prudential Financial)

“Anyone in the competitive arena has an edge if they have been coached by you. Please stay away from our competition.” B. Shearer, CIO, Moroch Advertising, (McDonalds Account)

“Vicki, yesterday you were in the Omaha Office. Everyone there is PUMPED! My husband, Mark, (shorter, balding, crazy guy) works there and he went on and on (and on) about your program. He said you were exactly on target and made the learning fun as well. Thank you for helping us on our journey toward better customer service.” CH, Market Claim Manager — Allstate Insurance

“Out of eight quarterly session with speakers, you received the highest evaluation from approximately 300 alumni members. You wowed us like we’ve never been wowed! The leaders at Baptist highly recommend you as a guest speaker. You are truly an inspiration.” Brenda Castleberry, Director Education Resource Center, Baptist Health Systems, Jackson, MS